Just Like Doxycycline: The Antibiotic That Grows in Your Backyard (LINK)

“There has been plenty of concern in recent years with the overuse of antibiotics, and the risks that overusing them can bring, even to a normally healthy person. While prescription antibiotics certainly have their place and benefit, overusing them, or using them inappropriately, can contribute in creating a resistance to the medication that was developed to heal. Another concern is all the uncomfortable and serious side effects that can come with taking antibiotics, such as nausea, rashes, sensitivity to the sun, and potentially fatal c. diff colitis.

It’s no surprise then, that more and more people are turning to natural remedies and antibiotics, such as usnea. You might be wondering if natural and homegrown antibiotics could cause side effects or be harmful to certain people? Sure, just like prescription antibiotics, there can be side effects. However, unlike more commonly known prescription antibiotics, usnea can be completely natural without unhealthy chemicals…and you might even be able to find it right in your own backyard. You may also want to check if these extremelypowerful natural antibiotics that are littleknown to mankind grow around your house. ……..”

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USNEA (WIKI) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usnea