UFO (Anti-gravity craft) On US Navy Aircraft Carrier ( 49 sec VIDEO)

I have to say if it was a still photo I’d say it might be photoshopped. However, because we know that many gov’t’s around the world have these ‘UFO’s Anti-gravity’ ships, and the fact that we DO have friends in the armed forces who occasionally leak a film, or photo, topping it off with the fact that you DO need special video editing equipment that not many can afford to buy; leads me to believe that regardless of what you hear that may discredit this vid, we need to look at it as viable data. With that said, enjoy…we all judge, so have a look and  be the judge.

Screen shot:

After just a glance at the photo and analyzing the shadows; it to me looks to be 98% authentic (got to leave room for error). I’m basing this on my experience as a photographer for 8 years. Some time ago, but I am familiar with video editing. It’s good to go. Most military acknowledgments agree to having a ship being described as this one appears. They admit to having such an aircraft fitting this description.

They won’t just come out and say “anti-gravity” but this in essence is what they are.

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