Top W.H.O. Oncologist Says Coronavirus to burn out ‘naturally’ BEFORE vaccine? ‘says there’s a‘REAL CHANCE’ of that!



Covid-19 could be “petering out by itself” before the world comes up with any vaccine, a leading academic, formerly the World Health Organization’s (WHO) top oncologist has said.

“There’s a real chance that the virus will burn out naturally before any vaccine is developed,” Karol Sikora, the dean of the University of Buckingham’s medical school, wrote on Twitter.

We’re seeing a roughly similar pattern everywhere – I suspect we have more immunity than estimated. We need to keep slowing the virus, but it could be petering out by itself.

….Earlier this week, the WHO revealed that eight vaccine candidates are currently undergoing clinical trials, while another 110 candidates are now under pre-clinical evaluation. Nations including Britain and China have begun testing vaccines on humans…


6 thoughts on “Top W.H.O. Oncologist Says Coronavirus to burn out ‘naturally’ BEFORE vaccine? ‘says there’s a‘REAL CHANCE’ of that!”

    1. Same page, medical deep state. But for a top doc there to tweet that, well, if you’re brainwashed, and in fear mode, this might lend more credibility to those of the same circle of panickers and face mask Karen’s, to consider that what they’re saying is true, it’s no big deal, and the spin doctors on the news are just reading gov script. That the number of deaths are not COVID, but other causes, as confirmed by nurses and doctors being silenced on social media. The deaths are people that die anyway, and most would appear in obituaries all across the world. That can add up and if spun correctly, you can convince people of a nasty deadly pandemic.


      1. 😁😂 LOL I have an Angie…but she could pass for a “Karen,” at times…LOL IN a good way 🤔 I think ..she hold back, but you can see it from there.


  1. What virus?


    “When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes A Duty” “You are the govt’s boss, don’t let them forget it. Don’t play their game, play yours; resistance is mandatory!”

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    1. Agreed, what virus. However, to those that are hard core virus believers, the WHO, whom many trust, even their own people or info source is basically saying, NO VACCINES NEEDED. There it is BOOM. Let’s get things back to normal, sh#t’s gonna “Peter” out😁👍


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