Strong Volcano Eruption Sends Ash Plume 30,000 Feet Above Vanuatu (*ALERT VIDEO)

+ Also Hawaii / Iceland also having issues- world is falling apart…when will it end??? Never? Hawaii still continues to have quakes some very powerful daily. Thanks to DAHBOO77 for the 3 minute vid report below:


What Happened In The Year Without A Summer? (1816)- (LINK)

“The day was April 5th, 1815, before the Industrial Revolution began. The majority of the population were farmers, raising crops to feed themselves and others. But farmers depend on good weather, with abundant rain, sunlight and warmth. This year, they wouldn’t have enough of these key weather elements to ensure a good crop. Food prices would rise and many would go hungry. Thousands would die around the world……….”

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Did You Get Diarrhea While On a Zip-Line? (LINK)

“More than five-hundred people so far have been sickened in Tennessee at a zip line attraction after E. Coli bacteria was found in the water. And at least 550 people have tested positive for the norovirus after visiting the same location……………”

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As far as I can tell, they are in fact on the Gatlinburg city water system…could it be that the cities water line to that place is “compromised?” Certainly…word of caution, just like the adage about Mexico…”Don’t drink the water.”

How Our View Of The World Affects Learning, Knowledge And Understanding (LINK)

Happy Sunday to everyone. Once in while (on a Sunday) you can find encouraging tidbits of info (always use discernment) that can change our course, or enlighten our path towards a better direction or, ending up skipping over some would-be bad obstacles and freeing us up from an otherwise pit or wrong place. I found such info (knew this, maybe you did too) here at this link (below). Be blessed! You are carrying around someone’s miracle today……….be there. –Moraldiplomat


“……………..we are finite.  We learn slowly, in bits and pieces, here a little and there a little.  We also easily forget things we once knew.  And we are sinful.  Our unbelief easily colors our thinking, even when we are thinking about God’s truth.  In short, our view of the world will never exactly be God’s … not now, and not even in eternity.  We will never have his omniscience and infinite wisdom.  And yet we must learn………………

……………Above all, it’s important to understand that Paul found no common ground with Greek philosophy here.  Even more, everything Paul said about God was entirely at odds with the with the philosophers’ basic assumptions.  And yet Paul could still point to the Stoic poets and find support in their words, if not in their underlying theology.

For even the Greek poets knew that idols were “foundational garbage” and that men were, in some sense … “the offspring of God.”  Above all, Paul’s summary of theology was sufficient to draw a sharp contrast between his understanding of the world and that of the pagan philosophers.  He created a sufficient base for a moral and intellectual conversation about repentance………….”

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Let’s start the new week with a new goal and a better understanding of God and the world around us. Have a great next week! 🙂

25 Simple and Cheap Camping Foods (LINK+VIDEO)

Ok, no these are not the most healthy foods in the world; but if you’re camping and or in a survival situation, organic elegance goes out the door (unless you’re eating roots) sometimes eh? Anyway, thought it was worth posting. Enjoy the vid and the link:  🙂


  1. Ramen noodles
  2. Meat packets
    • Tuna packets
    • Spam packets
  3. Instant soup
  4. Mashed potatoes
  5. Ready meals (microwaveable pouches)
    • Roasted vegetable penne
    • Red beans and rice

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How To Choose A Bug Out Location (LINK)

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