7 Problems That Every Prepper Must Overcome (LINK)

7 Problems That Every Prepper Must Overcome



The Ultimate Bug Out Bag Checklist



7 Best Affordable Tactical Knives On The Market Today – 2018 (LINK)

Hey, as I stated before in a previous post; Ima knife guy; just as proficient with a knife as well as a gun. “Knife, never leave home without one.”

So what makes a tactical knife great? What makes it epic? What makes it worth your hard earned $$’s……”

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Emergency (or Everyday) Food Nuggets (LINKS)

Emergency (or Everyday) Food Nuggets


Make Your Own Ration Bars


DIY Survival Food You’ll Actually Want To Eat


Make Your Own Survival Food: Chocolate Chia Cookies


Survival Bars


  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Powdered milk
  • Oats
  • Gelatin (any flavor)

So, How’s Florida Doing Today? (LINK w VIDEO)

Michael Death Toll Climbs to 18; Search Continues for Missing

“The search continued Sunday for victims of Hurricane Michael, especially on Mexico Beach, the Florida town nearly obliterated by the storm that brought destruction and death across large swaths of the Florida Panhandle, Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia.

About 1,700 search and rescue personnel have checked 25,000 homes, Florida Gov. Rick Scott said.

“Everybody just needs to help each other right now,” Scott said after meeting with emergency responders in the Panama City area. “You feel sorry for people. They might have lost their house. They worry about their kids getting into school. You know, people don’t sit and have a whole bunch of extra money in the bank just waiting for a disaster.”

READ AND SEE MORE HERE > https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/2018-10-13-hurricane-michael-florida-mexico-beach-death-toll-southeast-mid


“And the river will run red with blood”. Seems pretty biblical to me!

“……The ocean is big business out here,” said 36-year-old Richy Beck, as he unloaded a truck full of beach chairs Thursday at Haulover Beach. “It’s bad for business, man. It means I’m going to be on the unemployment line.”

In Florida’s Panhandle, crews of county jail inmates are cleaning up piles of dead fish killed by a red tide bloom near Panama City Beach. Bay County had the highest concentration of algae, while Walton, Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties had lower concentrations…….”

READ MORE HERE > http://strangesounds.org/2018/10/and-the-river-will-run-red-with-blood-seems-pretty-biblical-to-me.html


Use discernment on the following link; not everything has political values or agendas, but certainly should be considered more than just screwed up weather phenomenon, There are at least 7 countries that have tech, earth tech that can manipulate and control the weather since the early 1900’s. They are not perfect, but they are getting there. Most people just blame God, or they assume it’s the earth changes, earth striking back at mankind…like earth has a mind..LOL anyway, just know it’s either man made, or collateral damage. Sometimes in affecting weather in one part of earth, you inadvertently affect other things…usually destroying something. It’s ok, they don’t mind. There are acceptable damages. 

HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targeting Tallahassee and Florida Panhandle



How To Make The Best Decision: Bug In vs Bug Out? (LINK)

“From hurricanes and earthquakes to violent social unrest, there are going to be times when it may not be safe or advisable for you to remain in your current location.

“Bug in, bug out, that is the question.”

Making a decision to stay, or “bug in” versus leaving or “bugging out” to a perceived safer area is not always an easy one. Nevertheless, when a major crisis occurs, you will be faced with that decision from the context of actually being in the situation as opposed to simply sitting back and thinking about what it would be like and what your responses will be. Before you discard either option, it is very important to understand the risks and benefits of each action and the kinds of circumstances that may force you to adjust your plans………..”

READ MORE >  http://www.survivopedia.com/how-to-make-the-best-decision-bug-in-vs-bug-out/