The brain-boosting effects of pomegranates, even after a stroke (LINK)

The brain-boosting effects of pomegranates, even after a stroke


Will Our Lack of Humanity Be the END of Humanity? (LINK)

“………It seems that I can publish the most heart-wrenching thing and if it doesn’t fall in line with somebody’s political opinion, they can turn it around and say something that makes me doubt they even have a soul……..” -Daisy Luther [Read more from Daisy at link below]

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Will Our Lack of Humanity Be the END of Humanity?

I’ve seen the same thing. Thanks Daisy for expressing your feelings in this awesome tell-tale article. I believe (albeit very few) that there are still a few people that have souls left; that somehow they still have a natural compassion for the weaker more needy person. I hope that we have not dissed humans in favor of say, “trees, plants and animals;” while these are blessed in their own created right, they are not made in the image of God such as we are and we have hearts and emotions that can be expressed and even understood. No plant, vegetable or mineral can do that. As for animals, yes, they have souls I believe, but for the greater of humanity, I recommend we put people over animals always! Without us, they’rd be no them…at least happy ones. If there were no humans to be guardians, they’d be awful lonely“. -Moraldiplomat

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Serenity of Faith

Calmness of mind, body and soul is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. It is the result of placing faith, trust and your entire being in the hands of a loving and all powerful Creator. Peace in the being of a believer is an indication of ripened experience, coupled with faith in Someone bigger than that of self and of a more than ordinary knowledge of the laws and operations of faith.

A person becomes calm in the measure that one understands themselves as a God-created being, for such knowledge necessitates the understanding of others as the result of all things were created, and as one seeks wisdom from a loving Creator and a right understanding of morals and values seeing more and more clearly the internal relations of things by the action of cause and effect, one ceases to fuss and fume and worry and grieve, and remains poised, steadfast, serene in God’s love and inner peace.

The calm person, having learned how to let God direct his or her paths, knows how to encourage others; and they, in turn, reverence their spiritual strength in a once and forgotten faith, and feel that they can learn of them and rely upon them. The more tranquil and God-dependent a person becomes, the greater is their success, their influence, their power for good. Even the ordinary trader will find their business prosperity increase as one develops a greater knowledge in God’s will and accepting His peace in their souls, for people will always prefer to deal with a person whose demeanor is strongly stable and at peace about matters.

The strong, calm person is always loved and revered. They are like a shade-giving tree in a thirsty land, or a sheltering rock in a storm. Who does not love a tranquil heart, a sweet-tempered, balanced life? It does not matter whether it rains or shines, or what changes come to those possessing these blessings, for they are always sweet, serene, and calm. That exquisite poise of character which we call serenity is the last lesson of culture; it is the flowering of life, the fruitage of the soul. It is precious as wisdom, more to be desired than gold, than even fine gold. How insignificant mere money seeking looks in comparison with a serene life – a life that dwells in the ocean of God’s truth, beneath the waves, beyond the reach of tempests, in the eternal calm!

How many people we know who sour their lives, who ruin all that is sweet and beautiful by explosive tempers, who destroy their poise of character, and make bad blood! It is a question whether the great majority of people do not ruin their lives and mar their happiness by a lack of a God-control flow few people we meet in life who are well-balanced, who have that exquisite poise which is characteristic of the finished character!

Phil 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: …” (KJV)

Jn 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, my Peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (KJV)


Building A Stone Age Hut As Survival Shelter

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Love: Dilemma is Ongoing


Have you ever experienced getting out of a romantic relationship where you felt as though you were already at the end of your rope, but you were still determined to go on? Sadly, many people unconsciously give a negative answer to this question by denying themselves the right to be happy.

While some people see finding someone to love as a “dream come true,” others view it as their “worst nightmare.” For the latter, falling in love is an ongoing dilemma that puts them in an emotional roller coaster.

People who have loved and lost often become emotionally scarred. They may be haunted by disillusionment because of unrequited love, or they could be traumatized by pain from previous relationships.

Their hearts pound with joy when they feel that new love has come along. They consider the possibility of loving and being loved again. Still, they are afraid to welcome the love that knocks on their doors; they are terrified by the possibility of getting hurt again. In doing so, they end up losing the love (soul mate, an inheritance, etc) by timidly refusing it.

People who are brave enough to take the risk do love again, but they sometimes find themselves distraught. They may focus so much on trying to build a perfect relationship that they forget about laying a good foundation.

When love comes to find rest in their hearts, they hold on to it, pamper it, try to keep it, and become glad that they have been given a second chance. Still, they cannot forget that since love came to them freely, then that same love could also leave on its own free will; thus they do everything materially or physically possible to keep love from departing. In doing so, they end up losing the love by imprisoning it. A mental drain accompanies each and every day.

“There’s a time for everyone, if they only learn that the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn.” It is said that time heals all wounds; a wounded heart is no exception.

In time, you will find the love that’s meant for you. All you need is the patience and the courage to risk getting hurt again. If you do not try hard enough, you will only deny yourself the chance to become happy again. No one should ever be denied the bliss of love. No matter what the setback, you should keep trying to find the love you’ve always been waiting for, because it’s worth all this constant dilemma.

And finally, I heard somewhere, that if you’re looking for a woman, or a woman is looking for her husband …well, “A woman’s heart should be so in tune with God, so close to Him that it takes a man, seeking HIM, to find her.” What say you?

Seek the Lord today and find out. Maybe the dilemma is over!

Credit: Written by in most part by : Je Ma Vi — Philip.




Dedicated to those who are like so many, going through trials

trials that really “try” the heart. There is hope- Look for it, and

you’ll find it!” –Moraldiplomat


If there is a future there is time for mending
Time to see your troubles coming to an ending.

Life is never hopeless however great your sorrow
If you’re looking forward to a new tomorrow.

If there is time for wishing then there is time for hoping
When through doubt and darkness you are blindly groping.

Though the heart be heavy and hurt you may be feeling
If there is time for praying there is time for healing.

So if through your window there is a new day breaking
Thank God for the promise, though mind and soul be aching,

If with harvest over there is grain enough for gleaning
There is a new tomorrow and life still has meaning.