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This is why there are preppers, and the words bug out and apocalypse are used. Not always do we associate this type of disaster (compared to a nuclear event) with a bug out issue, but ask these people in and around these wildfires what they wished they had done. Oh the fire may not have started at their home but now, they’re home and family is in harms way…it’s time to bug out!

This is now:

This above is why we “prep, prepare…” And of course, a nuclear event, wildfires, earthquake, volcano,flooding, tornado, hurricane, sinkhole, etc is not out of the question. Being prepared can minimalize the loss of life and the preservation of not only your life but others around you where you can be their hero. Police and fire are not always gonna be there…they might be a tad busy with an issue. Don’t ever “wait” for help. Be a leader and help others as well. Don’t film it (film from safety), don’t stand in the selfie spot…RUN! And help get others to safety… 🙂

Please don’t diss preppers….the environmental around us is why we prep. Somewhere, sometime there is a disaster happening or waiting to happen. We aren’t only ready for an all out war with the so-called government and or social “unhinge” (breakdown) but an apocalyptic event or disaster as the ones mentioned above. An apocalypse is not only group or globally discerned (perception) but also on a personal individual understanding. Be ready; we are.

Note: Screeshots here are from the weather channel

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Video provided by my friend Tac. He’s not going to be posting many more vids…spending time with the family; fixing up his property. He’s a good guy and I HIGHLY recommend his channel; I believe it will be up for all times. Check him out here > Tac Yeah his face is covered…so was Zorro, Lone Ranger and Batman…they were good guys in my book; so is Tac! Plus, he’s a funny guy 😀 Thanks Tactical!!

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4th of July week has begun. It’s time to catch up with the family, rest, do something fun in the woods…bring the kids! Build something that’s useful. There will always be room for emergencies so make room for preparation. 

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