This School Banned Cell Phones And This Happened…..(LINK)

Ya know, we need to have (maybe once a week) “LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONE AT HOME DAY” or, “STAY AT HOME AND LEAVE YOUR PHONE IN A DRAWER TURNED OFF DAY.” It just might give us some sense of a freedom that many of us just don’t have a concept of anymore. We all (most of us seek to fill the void; or a happiness), are looking for something………maybe it starts with disarming ourselves of technology. It may surprise us as to what we find out about ourselves…that we are happier, and or that we realize just how much a slave to the “cell phone” we really are. I don’t know- you be the judge for your life. 🙂


“………Researchers, for instance, recently discovered that smart phones were the culprit behind the depression spikes and suicide attempts among teens in the last decade. That little-known discovery has serious implications for the future of humanity. But is anyone paying attention? (or are they on Snapchat!)…….”



“…Carrie-Anne Moss (who played Trinity in the Matrix series) says that smartphones are making us live in a real matrix! She no longer uses them around her family because it robs her of real connection…………”


New Road Signs Can Detect Mobile Phones Are Being Used In Vehicles



“Vaccine Spectrum Disorder” is sweeping the nation – is your child suffering from VSD? (LINK)

This may not be an easy topic to discuss but it needs to be addressed. The likelihood of it being on a commercial warning in your area (except for an attorney ad) is narrow. So how does one (the enemy in our back yard) hurt you or your child? Easy…vaccinate, vaccinate,…vaccinate..AND make the risk of not vaccinating your child a greater threat (not having it done) more dangerous in your mind (it’s a law) than to actually have it done. Vaccines are related to nearly 93% (if not more) to declining health, allergies, and other illnesses than most realize.

“……….no child has ever been reported born with autism spectrum disorder, so the “inherited” genetics theory should be tossed out the window immediately. Medical doctors love to blame parental genes so you won’t look for a cure, and so you will accept the condition as something permanent, requiring chemical medications for life. Autism signs and symptoms emerge between 12 and 18 months of age, and issues with brain development often increase during the second year of life, when symptoms and functional difficulties begin to include speech delay, problems paying attention, inappropriate social interaction, repetitive movements, tics, anxiety, and compulsive behaviors…………”

“….Though the CDC lies and swears that mercury has been removed from all childhood vaccines, the flu shot is over-loaded with mercury and the CDC recommends the influenza vaccine to ALL pregnant women and all infants at 6 months of age. Wait, what?

Mercury is the second most poisonous element known to mankind, second only to uranium. It is a scientific FACT that human brain neurons permanently disintegrate in the presence of mercury within one hour of exposure………..”

Want the full scope of this? Click the link below:

Why am I posting this? Cause I was once a child, I likes kids…ya know? 🙂 If they were to ever be the future; wouldn’t it be great if they could have a normal one…? I mean we all once were kids. God loves kids, and He wants us to do right by them. It’s within our power to help or hurt. We have to stop the hurt. Who, is bold enough anymore??????????????????????????????? 😦

It takes more than a vote or just spreading the word to stop the incredibly evil madness of doctors and nurses injecting toxins and metals into a perfectly healthy baby….it’s crazy and blatantly demonic!! Our parents (not knowing) were guilty too; they let us get shots and injections through most of our pre-teen years (and many of us are paying for it now)…but now we know what the deal is…we have the power to stop this crazy vaccine crap for the sake our own children!



Good Mom, Bad Mom…(LINKS)

Good Mom


Bad Mom


Unbelievable: Must Watch New Video “Let’s Make America Hateful Again” (VIDEO w LINK)

Warning, the video and article (including link) below contains expletive language and irrational behavior; viewer discretion advised

“San Antonio police are investigating an assault on 16-year-old Richard Hunter who was grabbing some grub and minding his own business at a local Whataburger. Hunter’s big mistake? Wearing a Make America Great Again hat. There’s some nice irony here since this incident took place on the 4th of July, a day where most Americans put aside political differences to celebrate some bold actions taken by our Founders. As the bigot accused of assault was walking away, he said, “this is gonna go great in my fucking fireplace, bitch.”…. Read the rest here >


Asbestos found in 17 makeup products thanks to one woman’s persistent concerns about child safety (LINK)

“…………..Kristi Warner works at a law firm that focuses on mass tort asbestos litigation, which means she is all too familiar with asbestos exposure and the damage it can cause. After purchasing a glittery makeup kit for her six-year-old daughter from popular accessories retailer Claire’s, she began to have some doubts about it. She sent the makeup to an independent lab for peace of mind, and their finding shocked her: It contained the cancer-causing tremolite asbestos. The National Cancer Institute says that this substance can cause malignant mesothelioma………..”


Asbestos (wiki)


Believe it or not, people do, intentionally harm others….and some do it with a smile on their face; as they take our money for their products…but unbeknownst to many….danger lurks…and no one ever really traces back our children’s issues to “harmless” make up??? Right. With that in mind, we need to also question the ingredients of adult make up…hmmm???

I Only Wish This Was a Conspiracy Theory (LINK)

Don’t get me wrong; I know there are cases where a Child Protective Service is extremely necessary for the safety of a child. Problem is, their sorry asses don’t usually act when it’s really needed. But in the strangest of cases, a child will be taken and for some reason: One, is not missed, and Two, cannot be found….it’s like they’ve vanished!

It’s true: Government kidnaps children and separates them from their mothers… learn the truth about “medical kidnapping” and forced vaccinations, chemotherapy

If you love children and are sincere about helping these kids out, found, freed, etc…ponder what you can do. Pray about it!!! And read more at the link below:

“….Believe it or not, American children who live in our country legally are taken from their parents all the time by Child Protective Services (CPS), which operates outside the normal constitutional bounds when it comes to respecting parental rights. We here at Natural News have reported on many cases of this, where young children are ripped from their parents’ arms by rogue agents of the American police state – and most people never hear about it because the mainstream media almost never reports on it……”

Ginger is a Powerful Treatment For Children with Serious Gastroenteritis (LINK)

Clinical trial concludes that ginger is a powerful treatment that can save children with serious gastroenteritis