27 Items That Make Your Car Ready For Winter (LINK)

“With winter fast approaching, we need to do more than just get our house in order and ready for cold weather; we need to get our cars in order too.

Wintertime is hard on cars and even harder on drivers who get stranded in their cars. If we aren’t ready for dealing with a winter blizzard, we are putting ourselves and our families at grave risk. Part of the problem we face is that winter storms can take us by surprise. Weather forecasters are notoriously inaccurate in their prognostications. This is even worse in some parts of the country, where mountains or large bodies of water can make sudden differences in the weather, causing storms to appear out of what seems like nowhere or causing storms which are much larger than originally expected……….”

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6 Things To Consider For Surviving (The Upcoming) Winter (LINK)

“October’s here, fall is in full-swing and winter is just around the corner.

If I lived farther north, I would say that I could just about feel the first snowflakes in the air; but where I live, that’s just about impossible. Nevertheless, the signs of winter are all around us, reminding us that we need to be prepared for cold weather and snow.

To those of us who are preppers, this means much more than just buying new winter coats and boots for our kids. It means being ready for that major storm which shuts down power and brings our cities to a standstill. It means having our cars ready to make it through that snowstorm. It means surviving, when others are freezing to death.

Historically, wintertime has been the most dangerous time for human survival. For those who live in cold northern and temperate climates, the year was divided into two basic parts for our ancestors: preparing for winter and surviving winter. The entire planting cycle was built around ensuring enough food to survive the next winter…….”

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Are You Really Ready For When The Power Grid Goes Down? (LINK)

Even if it’s not a false flag, EMP, controlled or manipulated power outage/black out, etc..natural and or man affected issues (car or lightning hits a transformer or power station), a tree falls on a line, etc snow, ice, freezing rain will knock the power out…the question is, “how long will it take to turn back on? And, will it come back on in a fashionable time that you are prepped for?

The thing is, we need to be ready, alternative lighting, power, heat, and even in the warmer months (cooling)…no one think about these things until they happen. So, get ready; I have it n the best of knowledge that this fall/ winter will be very bad. Not sure of your area, but mine is scheduled for possible ice storm, freezing rain (time will tell); I’d rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. Be ready and do what you think is best assuming you know it’s gonna be a bad winter. Salt, candles, alternate heat source, blankets, etc. BE READY!

“The dangers to our aging, fragile electrical grid are numerous. Over the last few years, many of us have focused on the risk of an EMP, mostly fueled by North Korea’s nuclear and ICBM testing. But that may not be the biggest risk our power grid faces, according to Dan Coats, the National Director of Intelligence. According to a recent statement by him, cyber attacks against the grid have become so commonplace as to have “the light flashing red” right now. This is just as it was after the 9-11 World Trade Center disaster………..”

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How To Live Off-Grid Without A Refrigerator (LINK/VIDEO)

“Maybe it’s an emergency situation, like a hurricane or thunder storm causing a long-term power outage. Or maybe it’s just personal preference – more and more people find themselves wanting to truly live the off-the-grid lifestyle. Whatever the reason, more people are making the choice to live without modern-day refrigerators. Some do it to cut down on hefty utility bills. Others do it just to see if they could live without refrigeration.

Could your family live without a refrigerator? For a few days? A month? A Year? Permanently?

You might be surprised at the answer. Here are some tips on living refrigerator-free:…….”

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How to Make A Zeer Clay Pot Refrigerator

Farmer’s Almanac Prediction: We Are ‘Calling For Teeth-Chattering Cold’ (LINK)

If they are right………here’s your heads up; don’t wait till the last minute, get ready NOW for winter! 😐

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a bone-chillingly cold and snowy winter. Managing editor of The Farmer’s Almanac Sandi Duncan said: “We’re actually calling for [a] teeth-chattering cold.”

The Almanac’s famed weather forecast is out and the editors are already busting myths about their prediction. If you’re not a fan of winter, the news is bleak. But you’ll still want to break out the winter hats and boots early this year because Duncan added that the cold will likely hit us sooner than normal this winter. “We’re summarizing it as ‘cold and wet’ and the interesting thing is, it looks like winter might start a little bit early. We have some winter storms predicted early on,” said Duncan according to The Press Herald. 

“According to the calendar spring 2019 starts on March 20th, however, according to our outlook, winter conditions may delay spring for several weeks,” said Duncan. “People refer to us when they’re planning a vacation, planning a wedding, planning any kind of event,” said company president Peter Geiger. And the chances of the Farmer’s Almanac being correct are much better than the chances that they are wrong.

Duncan had some added advice for those who particularly dislike the winter months: “When people think of the almanac, right away you think winter,” Duncan said. “But actually there are 16 months of forecasts. If you don’t like the winter forecast, you should keep looking to the summer forecast.”………..”

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Four Super-Fast Survival Shelters When Life Leaves You Stranded (LINK-VIDEO)

Four Super-Fast Survival Shelters When Life Leaves You Stranded


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