15 Clever Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter (LINK)

In case you haven’t noticed, the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting colder. And it’s going to get worse before it gets better. It’s time to prepare your home for the harsh winter weather ahead.

There are three reasons to winterize your home: 1) It will keep your family nice and cozy no matter how cold it is outside. 2) If there’s a power outage, it will be a lot easier to keep your family warm. 3) It will save you a ton of money. Here are 15 clever ways to winterize your home and lower your heating bill……..”

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More young people being seriously afflicted with hallucinations and self-abuse after taking TAMIFLU … why won’t the FDA recall the dangerous drug? (LINK)


What You Should NEVER Do In a Real-Life Winter Power Outage (LINK)


“Winter can be a tough season; right now, across the USA, millions of people are dealing with low temperatures and snow. Just imagine how much worse it would be if you suddenly lost power…….”

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8 Foolproof Ways To Heat Your Home When The Power’s Out (LINK)

“It’s wintertime and the power goes out. If you’re like most of us, you’re not all that worried – you trust that the power will come back on soon. But when 12 hours goes by and you still don’t have any electricity, you start getting concerned. It might be days before the power comes back on.

For many of us, the quick solution is to turn to wood. Heating with wood is historically the most common means of keeping your home warm. Throughout the centuries, people used wood to warm everything from tents to palaces. It has withstood the test of time quite effectively, providing warmth for millions of people. That makes it a survivalist’s number one choice for a back up way to heat your home.

But it takes a lot of wood to keep your home warm. In a long-term crisis situation, you might run out of wood before the power comes back on. Or, perhaps your wood-burning stove is unusable. Whatever the case, you’re going to need another alternate way to heat your home. Here’s a few to consider:……….”

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Winter Storm Survival: How to Stay Warm and Survive the Cold (LINK)

“Winter is coming, and these winter storm survival tips might spell the difference between life and death. Learn how to survive the dreaded winter storms here!

Stay Alive and Well with These Winter Storm Survival Tips…”

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Layering Clothes Effectively To Stay Warm Outside In Winter


Additional Cold Blasts Into This Weekend May Be Followed by Some Thanksgiving Relief (LINK w VIDEO)

Weather channel screenshot

At a Glance

  • Chilly conditions have taken hold of the central and eastern U.S.
  • Yet another cold blast will arrive this weekend.
  • A pattern change may bring some moderation in temperature by Thanksgiving.

see more here-  https://weather.com/forecast/regional/news/2018-11-10-cold-temperatures-mid-november-pattern-change-plains-midwest-south

Winter Storm Avery Impacts: 5 Killed on Icy Roads in the South, Over 400,000 Without Power