7 Glimpses Into The Social Decay That Is Voraciously Eating Away At The Fabric Of Our Country (LINK)

“Everyone agrees that America is not the same place that it once was.  Our society is undergoing a fundamental transformation that is absolutely breathtaking, and some of the changes have been positive.  But many would argue that most of the changes have been negative, and the truth is that we can see evidence of this all around us.  Wikipedia defines social decay as “the tendency for society to decline or disintegrate over time, perhaps due to the lapse or breakdown of traditional social support systems.”  As a society, we are more disconnected from one another than we have ever been before, and perhaps this is one of the big reasons why so much anger and hatred are growing all around us.  At this point, a large portion of the population doesn’t even seem to possess a basic level of empathy and compassion for their fellow citizens, and that has frightening implications for the future of our nation….”

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15 Rare Skills That Will Come In Handy When SHTF (LINK)

If you’re familiar with the world of prepping for natural disasters and other life-changing, cataclysmic events, you probably have some provisions. You’ve decided that having a bug out bag is a good idea; you’ve stocked up on nonperishable items; you have a plan for where to go and what to do when the SHTF.

But at some point in a survival scenario, there will be a big difference between those who can simply survive and those who can thrive. Skills that are more complicated than foraging for food or building a simple shelter will be highly sought after.

If you can develop a proficiency in any one of the following rare skills, you’ll not only be able to help yourself survive comfortably, you’ll also be able to trade your skills for other people’s resources.

Here are 15 skills you should consider learning while you still can, along with resources to get you started……”

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Why We Should Take the Warning Signs Seriously? (LINK)

Ya know, when I was growing up (in spite of the hard life I had), there was always something positive to say, to share; now, I’m not so sure. For a positive speech, it’s become for many bi-words such as survival, detox, and healthy eating seem to be the special on the menu. Yet so many people avoid the topic. Avoiding the talk doesn’t make the problem go away it just assures you that some will most certainly miss out on an otherwise great idea and maybe succumb to an unfortunate misfortune or disaster. We need good ideas, preps and options. Choices are always positive…there’s a freedom in that. The following is a good read:

Ridding Yourself of “Normalcy Bias:” Why We Should Take the Warning Signs Seriously

“No matter where you live in the world, it’s important to remember that disaster can strike at any time. Whether it’s earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, or wildfires, there’s always something that can make life difficult in an instant – and most people, sad to say, aren’t prepared for the worst because they don’t believe that it could ever happen to them………..”



7 Natural Treatments to Have on Hand in Case of a Nuclear Attack (LINK)

Do I believe we will see a nuclear explosion, and or nuclear incident? I believe we have had a minimum of two (i.e. Chernobyl 1986, Fukushima 2011) Do I foresee a soon day event where more nuclear radiation will be released? Certainly. To say “no, not in my lifetime,” would be like saying, “no, it’s not going to rain on my birthday.” Sooner or later, we’re going to get wet on a day we don’t want to get wet. There are some in the world (I am one) that believe nuclear war is survivable. We certainly (if time and distance is acceptable) can treat those who have been exposed to minimal amounts of nuclear material. With that in mind, it really couldn’t hurt to be prepared in the event the worst happens.

Remedies for radiation exposure: 7 natural treatments to have on hand in case of a nuclear attack


The Results? (Thoughts)


Here’s a story about a woman who worked as a jeweler. This woman was in charge of the couples getting their wedding bands engraved with something special (i.e. date they met or married, small sentimental phrases, their names; even short wedding vows)

On one occasion, a woman (bride-to-be) asked her to inscribe something on her fiancé’s ring. When the jeweler asked what she wanted she replied that “They aren’t very romantic,” but wanted something. The bride to be added that they were getting married on her fiancé’s birthday so he wouldn’t forget the date.

The jeweler replied asking, “Isn’t there something you’d want him to remember as he looks inside his ring?”

“Actually there is,” she said. ‘Put it back on!’ came to be inscribed inside her husband’s ring.

Questions come to mind: Was she trying to help along her husband’s commitment to the relationship. Hmmm…


There once was a woman named Catherine, from Scotland, she too may have wanted to help along her lover’s commitment to their relationship, for several decades actually. Finally, after 40 years of courtship, her 68-year-old boyfriend George proposed. Maybe he was waiting for a convenient time. Maybe he was waiting to get up the nerve. Who knows?

Catherine, though, was more than understanding about waiting four decades for him to pop the question . . . ‘He is a bit shy, you know,’ she said.

-Author Ken Blanchard says this about commitment – ‘There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses – only results.’

Is there an area of your life that feels more like an interest than a commitment? Does it deserve more from you? You can be interested in starting a business or you can be committed. You can be interested in a relationship or you can be committed. Interest may get you a pay check or someone to be with, but commitment can change things.

Whether you are pursuing a project, following a dream, changing a habit, preparing for your future or even something adventurous like living off grid; consider this: Can you get the results you want without commitment?

Maybe the real question is not about how committed you are, but rather – are you ready for results? Our actions or the lack thereof will always bring “results.”

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“…..The Door To Understanding All Of Human History” (LINK)

It’s Sunday, ran across this article; I liked it. Slightly lengthy, but if you’re not between phone calls, it’s well worth the read. Below is an excerpt:

“….We live in an age of declining faith. We also live in a world where rival beliefs systems like Islam are surpassing Christianity worldwide. There are many reasons for the situation we find ourselves in today. One primary reason is that we simply don’t take our faith seriously enough to teach it as history. We really don’t consider it worthy to build our lives around.  Even Christians consider history to be limited to events like the French and Indian Wars or the Civil War.

But if we start at the center of all history and if we are to teach Jesus Christ as the door to understanding all history, we have some work ahead of us.  We need a comprehensive and searchable history that relates all human history… that’s each and every event… to the center, to Christ.  This is obviously a big project, perhaps the largest project or undertaking in the history of mankind. It will make Wikipedia look like a speck, a footnote as a way of comparison. So…

If you’re ready to start writing … I’m looking for help.”

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Ya know, it’s ok to say the name “Jesus Christ” We are not ashamed of His name! “Amen” or or “oh me” If you can’t say amen, say oh me.. I’ve seen and heard this name heal, raise the dead and cast our what appeared to be demonic possession (crazy person, epileptic). So, there is definite power in This name.

Teaching Jesus Christ As The Door To Understanding All Of Human History