Drinking beet juice helps heart failure patients recover more quickly (LINK)

“…………..For the study, the researchers recruited individuals who have had a heart failure — all of whom had ejection fractions of 45 percent or lower. “Ejection fraction” is a measure of the heart’s ability to distribute nutrient-rich blood through the body. A lowered ejection fraction can show symptoms such as labored breathing, unexplained swelling in the hands or feet, fatigue, constipation, diminished peak oxygen uptake, and exercise difficulty — all of which carry serious health implications…………”

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16 Superfoods for Blood Circulation (LINK)

16 Superfoods for Blood Circulation

“……#1. Garlic- Garlic is known for helping keep the blood clear from build-up, thus helping it flow more efficiently. It’s frequently taken in supplement form in order to cut down on the very pungent odor.

#2. Watermelon- Aside from being a delicious summer treat, watermelon has potential healing properties. The lycopene it contains is good for circulation, as are the large amounts of water you take in when you eat it……..”

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Pycnogenol Shown to Ease Arthritis, According to New Study (LINK)

“What is pycnogenol?

Maritime pine bark extract or pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant and has become a best-selling dietary supplement. It is claimed to remedy various kinds of diseases and illnesses such as diabetes, erectile dysfunction, hypertension, and heart disease. Studies also suggest that pycnogenol may reduce inflammation and pain among patients with arthritis…………….” READ MORE HEREhttps://www.naturalnews.com/2018-06-29-pycnogenol-shown-to-ease-arthritis-according-to-new-study.html

Will Our Lack of Humanity Be the END of Humanity? (LINK)

“………It seems that I can publish the most heart-wrenching thing and if it doesn’t fall in line with somebody’s political opinion, they can turn it around and say something that makes me doubt they even have a soul……..” -Daisy Luther [Read more from Daisy at link below]

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Will Our Lack of Humanity Be the END of Humanity?


I’ve seen the same thing. Thanks Daisy for expressing your feelings in this awesome tell-tale article. I believe (albeit very few) that there are still a few people that have souls left; that somehow they still have a natural compassion for the weaker more needy person. I hope that we have not dissed humans in favor of say, “trees, plants and animals;” while these are blessed in their own created right, they are not made in the image of God such as we are and we have hearts and emotions that can be expressed and even understood. No plant, vegetable or mineral can do that. As for animals, yes, they have souls I believe, but for the greater of humanity, I recommend we put people over animals always! Without us, they’rd be no them…at least happy ones. If there were no humans to be guardians, they’d be awful lonely“. -Moraldiplomat

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