How Our View Of The World Affects Learning, Knowledge And Understanding (LINK)

Happy Sunday to everyone. Once in while (on a Sunday) you can find encouraging tidbits of info (always use discernment) that can change our course, or enlighten our path towards a better direction or, ending up skipping over some would-be bad obstacles and freeing us up from an otherwise pit or wrong place. I found such info (knew this, maybe you did too) here at this link (below). Be blessed! You are carrying around someone’s miracle today……….be there. –Moraldiplomat


“……………..we are finite.  We learn slowly, in bits and pieces, here a little and there a little.  We also easily forget things we once knew.  And we are sinful.  Our unbelief easily colors our thinking, even when we are thinking about God’s truth.  In short, our view of the world will never exactly be God’s … not now, and not even in eternity.  We will never have his omniscience and infinite wisdom.  And yet we must learn………………

……………Above all, it’s important to understand that Paul found no common ground with Greek philosophy here.  Even more, everything Paul said about God was entirely at odds with the with the philosophers’ basic assumptions.  And yet Paul could still point to the Stoic poets and find support in their words, if not in their underlying theology.

For even the Greek poets knew that idols were “foundational garbage” and that men were, in some sense … “the offspring of God.”  Above all, Paul’s summary of theology was sufficient to draw a sharp contrast between his understanding of the world and that of the pagan philosophers.  He created a sufficient base for a moral and intellectual conversation about repentance………….”

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Let’s start the new week with a new goal and a better understanding of God and the world around us. Have a great next week! 🙂


AMP-3 Outfitters Medical Kit Clinic in a Roll (Medical Video)

This gear is not cheap, but you can make your own with a cheaper bag and more affordable products of similar. I know (from experience) money can be an issue; so if you’re budget minded and still want a med pack type kit, research and make your own or buy a cheaper products/duffel-type bag You can find some affordable ones at Amazon. But the gear/supplies in this vid give you a blue print to get yours going if you don’t have one.

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Would You Stop? (LINK)

“When a horrific car crash occurs, are most people willing to help? Or do they turn a blind eye? German police set out to find the answer, staging a fake road accident to test how many people were willing to be good Samaritans………… Once the stage was set, seven hidden cameras recorded events as police hid up the road and pulled over cars that didn’t stop to help. That was most drivers, as a whopping 90 percent of passing traffic failed to pull over to assist the “victims…………………..”

Gotcha! German police stage bloody car accident to test morality of motorists (VIDEO)

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Germany, at least this city maybe shouldn’t be in your bucket list of places to visit. Oberhavel, in the eastern German state of Brandenburg

Mt 24:12 “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

Are You Prepared For A Major Disaster! (LINK-VIDEO)

Most Americans Are Not Prepared For A Major Disaster! Are You?

Heavy Rain in South Texas Could Bring More Flooding Before Dry Conditions Return Friday

Ya know for at least 250 years, weather (man-made or just default) has not been man’s best friend. Climate change as it’s called now (global warming is a hoax) or earth changes has presented mankind with challenges (many have tried to help), but there are not enough “helpers” to really fix things back like they use to be. Lives have been changed and in many case, not for the best.

It’s a sad day to have so much turmoil in this USA, but it’s also nice when we can all help and share our wisdom, knowledge help links, information (keep in mind it’s not all wonderful) and just “what works.” We are a blessed people, and we are meant to be a blessing. With that said, I want to share here a link and video regarding Texas– keep them in your prayers.

I heard a minister once say, “If you can’t shoot, carry bullets” We may not can be there to help others in a disaster, but we can lift them up in prayer. Think good thoughts, stay positive; and believe that it won’t come your way. However, in today’s world that’s not always the case. Be prepared for the worst but hope for the best. Thanks to DAHBOO77 for the video. Let’s carry bullets and share links and information that helps heal a broken world and an injured people. God bless!


Best Diet to Heal Cancer? (LINK)

Well, what have you got to lose? It’s healthier than chemicals and drugs with uncertain side affects…eh? 

If you have no other option……try herbs. I am a firm believer that God, in His mercy HAS given us things here to heal us…to help when we just can’t get “there” any other way. In my own times of weakness (not using my faith), I take herbs. I take them now. Praise God, the creation around us is meant to help us, not harm. God wants us well amen? 🙂

Try the Budwig Diet, the meal plan that has been proven to work for more than 50 years


People have been getting cured (big pharma hates that too) from some of the most nastiest of diseases, bio-weapons and other issues with natural plants, herbs and diet changes the world round;…and you. probably will never see them aired on television. Ask around! Your life may depend on it. Praise God for His creating herbs that actually help us. 🙂 Amen or oh me? But! You must be committed to doing it. I have found in my own dealings with certain herbs as well as other family members taking herbs for a certain condition and that’s some meds do not work well with herbs…what I’ve seen is the herbs have been rendered useless by the chemistry of meds..and, in other instances the medications have rendered useless by herbs…AND, still yet, many herbs enhance (make stronger) the meds you may be on, and that too can be dangerous. As a disclaimer (it’s a law), I have to encourage you to consult a physician or homeopathic doctor (not many of those around) before “experimenting” with alternatives. However, you have to consider that all, not just some (snake oil pharmaceutical sales from doctors) medications (legal man-made drug) while seemingly giving “relief” from a disorder, DO NOT heal it…rather you will trade one problem for another or compound the issue you already have. Drugs are not meant to cure…there’s no money in cures…treatment, yes, but not cures. Herbs, the better choice!!

Apocalypse? (photos)

I’ve been thinking about what some have already forgotten about; and that’s the victims and possibly those that lost not only their homes, pets and belongings, but their very lives in the recent hurricanes. Ya know recently, long before Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas costs, I asked an Army (disabled vet) acquittance of mine and straight out, I asked him if he believed in an eventual apocalypse. And he stated, “Honestly, No.” That was pretty much it. That ended right there. Oh he didn’t mind me asking, but he’s not one of those “end of the world” people, nor a “bug out” type believer. As an Army fellow, he pretty much trusts the gov’t daily that feeds him his pain pills and pays for ALL his medical needs and issues as he has several.

In thinking about what he went through in several countries, I thought, “well, in a way, he had his apocalyptic moments in several regions of the world.” And now that he is back home, in the States, does he now feel like he cannot be touched? Can we as a people, having experienced so many sorrows and failures from a broad range of sources, do we still feel “it can’t come here?” Well, speaking about the word “apocalypse;” I hate to even use the word nowadays because it has been given a newer meaning. Most of the time, people hear the word and immediately think: Zombie, Nuclear War, and things that (God-forbid) may not or won’t ever be on the menu. However, with the escalation of tension between countries these days, and the ability to get more dangerous materials, well….it’s not a matter of if, and with the thought of an EMP, real (weapon related) or man-made; and the technology to manipulate and literally steer devastating weather to a certain point on the map, it’s easy to realize this is a new world, with new and secretly discreet ways of initiating them. People end up with their indoctrinated minds believing God is to blame, Mother nature acting up, accidents happen, or simply another earth change that for some reason is yours and my fault. But when will these possible threats be utilized?

Further, will it be on U.S. soil? Will it be from a foreign power? Will the U.S. gov’t be a part of a true conspiracy to achieve a grander design? We cannot discredit conspiracy theorists too quickly, not since many now have been proven true; many have actually been “in your face.” No longer (for some reason) do the PTB fear the public, oddly enough, a very well armed public. How do you confront that and win? Through devastating disasters! When the sh-t is going to hit the fan, if you’re not listening to God, YOU need a plan, a plan that many in Texas and Florida did not. Those poor people are now at the mercy of gov’t funded “assistance.” That’s NOT where you want to be.

I wanted to share the following photos with you. You may have seen these same ones, maybe some that are worse. But I ask you, what if your house “use to be” located in one of the pictures? Is it really a good idea to live near a beach? I have so many questions, and so do others. I pray that the conspiracy people are wrong when they say that FEMA and other agencies have taken the refugees from these torn places and brought them to FEMA camps, abandoned walmart building for extermination (depopulation control) of undesirables. I like to think so. But…… judge….let’s prove it one one truth or another eh? God bless and keep listening to the Lord, He will direct your steps and keep you safe.

Group of Before and After Photos That Show Some of The Destruction Caused By Hurricane Irma


‘Many people have had their “apocalypse” ‘