Natural Disaster Refugee List (VIDEO)

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Just good common sense. ‘Apocalypse is in the experience of the unfortunate.’ Times are tough, and IT will NOT get any better. But we can be positive about things that when they do occur; you are ready and you can keep you and yours more comfortable when a disaster strikes. Hey, if we are going to stay in the USA (other countries have issues too!), be prepared for an emergency, and don’t forget, winter is coming; be ready.

While preparing to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, don’t forget that sometimes Disasters only last a few days. Especially when it comes to Natural Disasters, have items together ahead that you’d take on a long weekend trip makes life much easier.


Thousands still in need of hot meals after Hurricane Florence


Levee Breach In North Carolina, More Emergency Evacuations In South Carolina (VIDEO* ALERT)

If you have family or friends in NC or SC; you may want to contact them if you can, …or pray for them(pray anyway amen?). These areas in my state are devastated and as they, (FEMA) said previously, (they knew), that this was going to be a “life changing event.” 😐 Thanks to DAHBOO777 for this info.

Levee Breach In North Carolina, More Emergency Evacuations In South Carolina

Hurricane Florence resumed its second week of impacts with much of the same – flooding that cut off entire towns, water rescues in parts of the Carolinas that have been inundated, evacuations as rivers continued to rise, and more tragedy.

For the latest also you can got to the Weather Channel Live and also their website at links below:


(Update Included) Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown – 50 Mile Radius (LINKS)

Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown – 50 Mile Radius

“Have you wondered where the safest or safer place would be from a nuclear power plant?

What if there was a disaster leading to a nuclear meltdown?

You better be at least 50 miles from a nuclear power plant, and preferably not in a downwind location based on the prevailing winds (which are typically and generally west to east across the U.S. – with variations thereof)…”

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North Carolina nuclear power plant declares “unusual event” following storm, “hot shutdown”

Emergency declared at Brunswick nuclear power plant in North Carolina… all personnel blocked from entering the facility as “hot shutdown” under way


Currently I’m monitoring the conditions at the Brunswick Nuclear Plant in the Wilmington area of North Carolina (my state); as of this moment, we can have a sigh of relief. My Dad has a home in Jacksonville (affected and flooded area) He is currently out of harms way and is keeping in touch with people “in the know” (Ret. Marine Corp. Vet) and my mother’s husband (former Army engineer) is a former nuclear electrical engineer for Duke Energy (Duke Power) McGuire Nuclear plant who stays in contact with “people;” and has worked at several power plants (all his life) on contract in two states. At this time I can report that there is an issue, but apparently not a threat to human life beyond the plant at Brunswick. With this said, if you are near Brunswick or ANY power plant; it would not hurt to MOVE if you can away from the ground zero area (approx 50 U.S. miles) or even further (OUT of State!) if possible.

Please keep detoxed, and consider others who cannot or does not know how to help themselves when it comes to health. We are all in this together, regardless of your political affiliation, etc We do need to bless one another with good info. I do admit, we have dark news out there (fake crap too!) and we must use discernment. Bad news, negative news is a part of life.

We need to get over ourselves, get our heads out of the sand and accept that there are dark things among us. Ignoring a problem will not make it go away, it will just assure us that if it comes at us, our good thoughts won’t make it leave, but assures us of defeat. We have the ability to beat evil….we do! (trust in someone bigger than us) And we need to step up and set a new (but old) standard, so that we can be more of a blessing to those around us. There is a leader within us….this is your time to shine- but do not let your guard down (Trust in God!)….hurricane season IS NOT over, and winter issues are also on the way in many places. Prepare accordingly (heat alternatives, etc)……but be glad, the time and ability for hurricanes to form or receive help to form is wanning down!!! 🙂 (NOTE: more hurricanes could be on the way!)

Nuclear Emergency Declared At Brunswick North Carolina Nuclear Power Plant

Only 9 Percent Of Households In South Carolina And Only 3 Percent Of Households In North Carolina Have Flood Insurance (LINK)

“A lot of people are going to be financially ruined by Hurricane Florence.  As you will see below, only 9 percent of all homeowners in South Carolina have flood insurance, and up in North Carolina that figure drops to just 3 percent.  That means that well over 90 percent of the people that will be affected by this storm do not have any financial protection against flooding whatsoever.  Florence is expected to slowly churn over the region for the next several days, and it is being projected that this massive storm could dump up to 10 trillion gallons of water on the Carolinas.  Needless to say, that amount of water is going to do an extraordinary amount of damage, and thousands upon thousands of households are at risk of losing everything because they aren’t carrying insurance………”


Meanwhile Super Typhoon Mangkhut hits the Philippines with power of 500,000 Hiroshima bombs (LINK)

A SUPER typhoon that has dwarfed Hurricane Florence is set to break records as it tears towards the Philippines with millions of people at risk. It is called Mangkhut and has the power of 500,000 Hiroshima nukes. 

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