Prescription Painkiller Deaths Have Dropped 25% In States That Legalized Marijuana (LINKS)

Well,…it’s a weed…nothing more. How do I stand? It’s a weed. Many of the weeds we use treat and in most cases (depending on quality and extraction) can even cure. CBD oil has been shown (not necessarily in a lab) to cure some of the most difficult illnesses and even help or eliminate pain. Beats an aspirin. Me, yes, I’ve tried it, and yes, I inhaled! It was “ok” Like I’ve mentioned before in a post, I drank a little. Not a heavy drinker but I put some away for sure. Now, only once in a while. A lot of my friends have issues and they swear that their medicinal (illegal plant) helps them. Well,…It’s not often you hear that people have caused fatal car wrecks because they were only smoking weed. Usually it’s mixed with other forms of medications. Anyway, as long as it does not hurt anyone else…your life you call. Who am I to dictate what “grasses, or herbs” you can intake? Am I for weed, sure in moderation. But if the would be government don’t get their share of revenue, they will be the only ones complaining. Enjoy the links:

Prescription Painkiller Deaths Have Dropped 25% In States That Legalized Marijuana

This MAN Healed 5000 People from Cancer: This Is a Recipe That Kills Tumors in 90 Days

Rick Simpson CBD oil

Actor Morgan Freeman On Marijuana: “I’ll Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Snort It!”


Final note: There are a lot more dangerous herbs and plants that can literally kill you if ingested. The regulation of a grass, weed, plant or herb should not be. But with it’s existence, the teaching and proper uses of such should be mandatory learning. And,…it should be more affordable, I mean c’ mon…it’s a freaking weed!!


What a Free Country Looks Like (LINKS)

The following link, shows only on instance where the lemonade cops have harassed children on the “free” states of America. It’s happened before many times.


Not really concerned…ok…but, what if it was your kids, and you paying fines, getting tickets; your kids (it’s happened!) being arrested for selling lemonade on a hot day???

Here’s how things would look if you REALLY lived in a free country

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$1,000 (USD) Fine For Stacking His Firewood The Wrong Way

I don’t know about you but this ranks pretty high on the BS meter! If I own my own property (actually no such thing as long as you pay taxes on it), I’m going to cut and stack wood on my property the way I dang well please. As for fines, well, I can think of one good spot they can put them…eh?

“……………The city of Doraville, Georgia, issued a warrant for Jeff Thornton’s arrest and fined him $1,000. Thornton’s “crime”? He stacked his firewood the wrong way in his backyard.

Thornton eventually went to court and pleaded the fine down to $300. Nevertheless, they still placed him on probation for 12 months, as the Institute for Justice (IOJ) reported. Furthermore, Thornton was one of many Doraville residents that the city hit with fines in their “policing for profit” scheme, the IOJ alleged.

Doraville code requires firewood to be neatly stacked in four by eight piles. In addition, any deviation can lead to a ticket and a fine. The municipality cited Thornton, but he did not realize he had violated the code until the city issued an arrest warrant for him……………”


Thinking about moving to Georgia…don’t…you just really don’t know what you’re getting into. The “South” isn’t what it use to be. God bless and pray for regime change in America!! Either that or we may can do what our ancestors did and that’s find a new and free country…Mexico is doing it, and so many other countries are evacuating for one reason or another…(most are coming here!!). But sooner or later, things are going to go south for you…just a matter of time. We “all” need plan “B”…Not just for me and you, but for those around us. What about Hawaii? Texas? and other places that have suffered under oppression or weather related apocalypse-style scenarios?? People, it’s (for some) only going to get worse. I only hope I’m wrong….if things start to get better here, trust me, I’d love to be the bearer of “GOOD” news!!!!!!

Hemp. . . a Closer Look (LINK/VIDEO)

Saw this today…excellent…I think (my own opinion) we need a “Hemp, Revolution.” 🙂

Enjoy the original article link!

The Marijuana Conspiracy – The Real Reason why Hemp is ILLEGAL 

Note: This video will eventually be taken down for obvious reasons so watch it while you can;

“Cannabis Hemp – The Wonder Plant! (Not the best character choice, but good information): ” (original site comment)


CBD oil: A miracle oil that relieves anxiety without causing a high


Cops Want to Kill Their K-9 Dogs to Make a Statement? (LINK)

or should we just say, tyrant with a lust to keep weed illegal hates their dog that much…hates people that much?…Here’s why? Check out this article (LINK below)-

My opinion? Well, killing a dog for any reason other than to save a human life is not worth it, but hey! What do you expect from a state with the highest crime rate; good ol’ Illinois……say, wasn’t obama rumored to frequent that place???? Hmmm

Cops Threaten To Kill All K-9 Dogs If Pot Is Legalized


Update: RELATED-

USDA caught murdering hundreds of kittens in “incineration ovens” as part of cruel medical experiments

Still On The Robin Hood Kick

Is Robin Hood a criminal or a hero?

Robin Hood is both. Translation= Robin Hood would have made a true America Hero.

He is a criminal in the eyes of the corrupted rulers of his time.

He is a hero to the town folk and the public, for distributing what should be theirs.

It can be agreed a hero is someone who regards and protects the people. It can be agreed a criminal is someone who works outside or against the set law.

It can then be agreed Robin Hood is someone who regards and protects the people, but does so in a way outside or against the set law.

A criminal is someone has committed a crime, however not all laws are moral or just. For example, the Holocaust was an official government program as was Apartheid.

Robin Hood stole from the wealthy because they gained their money unfairly because of their positions in the government. They got to keep their money because of tax exemptions, but the only way to keep the country running without removing those was to increase taxation on middle-to-lower class to outrageous levels.

By doing this Robin Hood broke the law and therefore became a criminal. Robin Hood did however become a hero of the citizens because he returned money that should have been theirs to begin with.

We need more Robin Hood-like minded people stepping up!

Credit a true patriot, Jonathan C.

Thanks Jonathan!


Escape from plastic zip tie type police handcuffs