‘Anubis’ Malware Steals Money Posing As Google Play Official App

Thanks to UNDERGROUND WORLD NEWS aka DAHBOO7 my friend and yours for the vid alert. You’ve probably already heard about this; but GEEZ, wouldn’t just using cash, credit and checks be like back to normal…we need a malware fighter and shield for just about everything we do “financially” and other uses all the time. Other than hackers (generic geniuses) the gov’t trolls (microsoft bug creators) have their own agenda to push or heard people into “prepping” really to take measures or look for an alternative “protection” against such issues. That’s where the magic happens. And that’s where they have you- for fear of losing your money. It’s dirty, but creative…and, it works. In any case, regardless of what you believe, please enjoy the video and hey, remember if you wanna play, you gotta pay! Play safe.

Anubis??? YA know they have some wild names they pcik for their pet viruses..LOL


India’s Ruling Party Faces Probe Over “Mega Bitcoin Scam” (VIDEO)

Thanks to UNDERGROUND WORLD NEWS  for the alert vid!! Thanks JK!!

LOL…ok, I know it’s not funny. But personally speaking; I like to feel the ca$h in my hand! For other electronic transfers or purchases that are also tracked (bitcoin is tracked), I use a visa or debit card. That simple. Anyway, I know some use bitcoin; and If was you,…. with all the issues surrounding this digital money; I’D GET OUT…I really would. There aren’t really any perks to using it over cash (which cannot be tracked except from one side). They use to say “cash is king”….guess it still does trump the alternatives. But, opinions vary, I get that. My recommend: Use the cash or credit card of your country and when possible, always use cash unless you’re just playing around. Only you and the seller/purchaser know where and what was bought by using cold hard ca$h (if your looking for privacy).

The Results? (Thoughts)


Here’s a story about a woman who worked as a jeweler. This woman was in charge of the couples getting their wedding bands engraved with something special (i.e. date they met or married, small sentimental phrases, their names; even short wedding vows)

On one occasion, a woman (bride-to-be) asked her to inscribe something on her fiancé’s ring. When the jeweler asked what she wanted she replied that “They aren’t very romantic,” but wanted something. The bride to be added that they were getting married on her fiancé’s birthday so he wouldn’t forget the date.

The jeweler replied asking, “Isn’t there something you’d want him to remember as he looks inside his ring?”

“Actually there is,” she said. ‘Put it back on!’ came to be inscribed inside her husband’s ring.

Questions come to mind: Was she trying to help along her husband’s commitment to the relationship. Hmmm…


There once was a woman named Catherine, from Scotland, she too may have wanted to help along her lover’s commitment to their relationship, for several decades actually. Finally, after 40 years of courtship, her 68-year-old boyfriend George proposed. Maybe he was waiting for a convenient time. Maybe he was waiting to get up the nerve. Who knows?

Catherine, though, was more than understanding about waiting four decades for him to pop the question . . . ‘He is a bit shy, you know,’ she said.

-Author Ken Blanchard says this about commitment – ‘There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses – only results.’

Is there an area of your life that feels more like an interest than a commitment? Does it deserve more from you? You can be interested in starting a business or you can be committed. You can be interested in a relationship or you can be committed. Interest may get you a pay check or someone to be with, but commitment can change things.

Whether you are pursuing a project, following a dream, changing a habit, preparing for your future or even something adventurous like living off grid; consider this: Can you get the results you want without commitment?

Maybe the real question is not about how committed you are, but rather – are you ready for results? Our actions or the lack thereof will always bring “results.”

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Keep Your Integrity

A teacher once told me that a parent with a lot of money asked him to change and make her child’s end of grades more favorable it could be “profitable.” The teacher said he thought long and hard about what was asked of him but refused, and knowing it would make the parent angry, still refused to change any grades.

His moral courage should be commended. Sad that it takes courage to even do the right thing these days, especially in such a clear case as this, but in the real world, people with power and money many times retaliate when they don’t get what they want. And that can make everyone’s lives difficult.

Moral courage and integrity are much-needed fibers of our conscience and character. The personal costs of putting our integrity on the line are so high that we have to take risks. Once we descend the slippery slope of moral compromise, it’s hard to resist the inevitable slide.

In looking at this case, our first thoughts of discernment is that this parent subjected the teacher to this corrupt and corrupting request was a bad person, and very may have been but we can, in all fairness deduce that she was basically a decent mom strongly intent on helping her child that she ignored her moral values (if she had any).

It’s wrong to ask someone to lie or cheat or entice others with financial gain for an immoral and deceitful act. When it comes from someone with power and or money, it’s worse. Power and money corrupt those who have a lot of it and can be an intimidating factor even when it’s not used, yet known of about someone.

But integrity can be an even greater intimidating power. Improper requests deserve an immediate, firm, and dignified response that leaves no doubt that they’re inappropriate. Be careful not to be too self-righteous though. Let the person worry about what you think of them. If they persist, let them and don’t worry about the consequences. Do what’s right all the time and in the end, you’ll feel better about yourself and things will fall more into place in your favor in the long run. That’s positive!

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Could it Happen?

Never say never survival tidbit

‘Just when you think all is well, and will be; yeah with minor ups and downs……..

The bottom just dropped out. All your warning triggers are telling you it’s time to pack everyone into the family bug out mobile and leave town before it gets worse. Much worse.

You thought ahead which is fortunate for you and your family. You have a vehicle adequately equipped for the journey to your bug out location with essential gear, plenty of fuel with extra in reserve and everyone in the family has their bug out bags stowed safely away. Nervously, you pull out of your driveway in the middle of night to avoid most of the trouble already brewing.

This may possibly be the last time you see your home and just like every trip before, you have the nagging sensation you forgot something.

Many disasters we patriots think and plan for could require you to leave the safety of your home, possibly forever. In a situation like this, your well stocked bug out bags and any other gear and supplies you load and carry could be the sum of all your worldly possessions.

Some disaster scenarios assume the worst, a complete destruction through various means that leaves the civilization as we know it destroyed beyond repair for years-even if only in some areas. In a complete disaster like that, we make assumptions that normal commerce as we know it would effectively be over so the subject of bartering after SHTF comes to mind.

In other scenarios, which some might argue are many times more likely, the world won’t just stop functioning overnight. Every store won’t be closed and you will be able to buy supplies with whatever monetary instruments you have on hand that are still worth a commonly understood value. For most of the world, certainly here in the US we look to cash as the main fallback, but some people are saving precious metals as well to hedge against a currency collapse where that cash you are stowing away is worthless.

Assuming money in the common forms we are talking about here (cash, precious metals) is able to be used to our benefit during a bug out scenario, have you ever thought about how much you need to put into your bug out bag?

Why have any money in your bug out bag in the first place? Well, there are many good reasons I can think of. Imagine a scenario where the power is out, possibly for weeks. You wouldn’t be able to use ATM machines because they rely on power (AND no they don’t have back up generators for ATM’s). Stores couldn’t run credit/debit card transactions without power because they all go through the internet now which relies on power. If the electricity is out, the way we commonly get access to our money or conduct electronic transactions is gone until the power comes back.

You could just drive to the bank and pull out as much as you need, right?

Not necessarily. You only need look to the people of Greece who still can’t get more than roughly $50 out of the bank each day. Would you want to have your cash reserves limited by what the banks could or would allow you to take out?

No, I wouldn’t either and that is the main reason why I advocate keeping as much money as logical for you personally out of the banking system. And keep or print off bank statements often. If the power does eventually come back on; will your cash amount be still recorded accurately? Keep good records.

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Preppers! 14 Things That Will Instantly Give Your Location Away! Stay Hidden & Stay Safe!

1 Tim 5:8 “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. “