Should We Blame Plastic Straws and Bags on This Also? (VIDEO)

HAWAII- Nearly 100 Dead Baby Hammerhead Sharks Wash Ashore

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Let’s face it, we have Tepco (Japan’s Nuclear facility people) in Japan, Fukushima Nuclear plant pumping hundreds of thousands of heavy water (radioactive water) into the Pacific (news doesn’t talk much about it) on a daily basis; and we sit back and have to wonder why the ocean life is dying off? It’s certainly not plastic straws, nor is it a resource that any one individual has abused, albeit, the people in Japan are doing it daily. Of course, had Japan not become friends with a sworn enemy of Israel, Israel would not have shot the stuxnet virus into their systems to shut down their coolant systems (Japan employed Israeli police as their security for their nuclear plants) none of this would be happening with the sea life tight now. Now the whole world is quietly affected. It’s truly a sad thing. Hammerhead sharks are cool looking sharks!!!


Are Canadian fish being poisoned by radiation from Japan?

Hos 4:3 “Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.”

Rev 8:9 “And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.”


Now the Shellfish Are Getting Stoned! (LINK)

WARNING: Shellfish are now testing positive for opioids

“…..Mussels from the Emerald City’s coast were used as a barometer for water pollution — and levels of the addictive painkillers are now high enough for the delicate shellfish to test positive for the drugs. While mussels are not able to metabolize opioids, some fish can actually become addicted.

Pretty soon, you may even need a prescription to eat shellfish in the U.S., if opioid abuse continues to climb.

Mussels are known as “filter-feeders,” which means they filter water for nutrients and nourishment. Because of this, they are prone to storing toxins in their tissues — which makes them great as an “indicator species……”


Ban Straws? (LINK)

Environmental ideas usually come in sets of three; two won’t fix the problem (if there really was one) and the other one is just stupid! Not sure what this one will do except “take” instead of “give” and make life a little more awkward- and the next time you get your drink from “wherever” your gonna miss that straw you stab into that little perforated hole. What’s happening to sea life as whole is not a plastic issue; it’s in the water itself (has anyone tested it?); REALLY. And, I gota ask…if anyone would admit to it, but when was the last time you threw a straw into the ocean…SERIOUSLY!? Enjoy the link:


“…….While the movement is still growing in the U.S., it’s in full swing around the world: Vancouver banned straws, Scotland plans to be rid of plastic straws by 2019, and Taiwan is banning single-use plastic items, including straws, cups and shopping bags, by 2030……….” Read more here

“….Bon Appétit, a large food service company, announced it is getting rid of plastic straws in all 1,000 of its cafes across 33 states, including locations like AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Getty Museum, Vassar College, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Portland in Oregon, where students worked to outlaw plastic straws on campus in April. The company plans to fully switch to paper straws by September 2019…….”

So, now we have this company switching to paper straws?? Ok, so now we have to destroy MORE trees to make straws??? Odd to say the least; but at least they are biodegradable eh??

Well, I guess by 2030, Taiwan children will drink liquids from either metal or wooden (carved) cups, drink without straws (lips and mouth only) and when (if there are any left) they go to the store, they have to use biodegradable bags, or recyclable aluminum shoulder bags; maybe leather ones….like the Indians (sorry, Native Americans) used. Hmmm…well, change is good maybe. You judge. I’m just wondering what’s next to ban, in the name of saving something???? 😐

UPDATE/ RELATED: 6-23-18, 500 PM EST

Watch Ferry Sink off Delaware Coast


Ok, so they’re are people b—-in about f—ing plastic straws and plastic bag; when we have azzholes purposefully sinking (300) subway cars and boats in the ocean?? So how many “tons” of fiberglass, all sorts of metals and plastics, engines including lubricants, maybe fuel residues foam rubbers that will enter in the ocean and breakdown over time, poisoning the rest of the ocean in due time???? Whoa! And we think straws are bad???!! WTF?! So, it’s ok if they attach the word “artificial reef” to it…like they are somehow helping the ocean by adding a “reef” Let me stress here the word they used “artificial” Why would you want anything “artificial” in the ocean to begin with??? And this reef, will it help hold up the continent in which we dwell? Did the fish want a new “artificial reef? Aren’t “straws” artificial too??? Do do as we do, do as we say’ Someone needs a severe spanking!!!

Heavy Rain in South Texas: Evacuations!

Well, many of these people should have had a plan in place since the last “hurricane” I hope they did. And this one isn’t really a hurricane. It’s flooding like crazy! What would you do??? Check this video out Accuweather:

Heavy Rain in South Texas Could Bring More Flooding Before Tropical Disturbance Washes Out


US Air Force Admits in Defense Hearing to HAARP Experiments

What Kind of Fish is This? (PICTURE/LINK)

Is this a genetic monster that some genetic scientist come up with, or is it one of those rare sea creatures that all of a sudden come ashore? And why after all this time did it surface and then die? (radiation? Corexit in the gulf waters?, etc). This “never before odd sea creature surfacing” is happening more and more. Nevertheless, oddity and wow! What a sight for any sea creature buff eh?? Here below is the photo and the original link:


Fresh Salmon for Dinner Tonight? (LINK)

Frozen Salmon Tonight? You Might Be Dining On Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

How does this happen???

“………..Conditions on these farms favor the selection of genetic mutations that protect bacteria from antibiotics,” Guy wrote. “Bacteria that win the mutation lottery can then divide and spread unchecked, in a microscopic version of survival of the fittest.”

The bacteria found in the waters at the fish farms include Ebola. Many of the salmon are infected with bacteria such as piscirickettsiosis. Instead of cleaning up the farms, the farmers simply dump more antibiotics so they can raise more salmon.

The antibiotic-resistant superbugs can spread to other fish in the ocean through a process called horizontal gene transfer. During that process, DNA spreads to other kinds of bacteria that affect fish in the wild. Those fish can be caught by fishermen and sold in your supermarket.

“Horizontal gene transfer can spread antibiotic-resistant genes to bacteria that can infect humans. The transfer can occur in a person’s intestinal tract,” Felipe Cabello an expert on antimicrobial resistance in marine environments at New York Medical College, told Oceana.

That means a person can develop antibiotic infection by simply eating or just handling the salmon, Cabello said. That can lead to outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant bacteria including E.coli.
Bacteria resistant to Florfenicol, the most popular antibiotic on Chilean salmon farms, are also resistant to the powerful drugs of last resort doctors use to treat antibiotic-resistant infections in people. That means doctors might have no means of treating such an infection…………”


From ‘hairy’ globster to ‘dead mermaid’: Spookiest sea creatures to wash up on beaches (IMAGES)

Original Link:

Why is this happening both here and around the world??? Hmmm….

Almost every week we hear, read and see pics and vids of these poor creatures with radiation burns…and then they play it off like it’s all that plastic in the water, even staging some scenes apparently depicting whales that have swallowed plastic grocery bags….now who throws them in the Pacific Basin??? Anyway, so many photos and vids coming from Japan, showing the horrors of what a continuing nuclear release of radioactive particles does to vegetation, people and the sea creatures. Investigate it yourself and you’ll see really what’s going on. As for human beings??? Some call it a slow “kill.” Or as some termed it, depopulation.

There was a movie “Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol” Maybe you remember it…where in it the bad guy believed that if WW3 was to take place, meaning a nuclear weapon was to detonate that it should affect everyone on the planet equally….well,…with the event of Fukushima on March 11th 2011, this is actually possible! It’s touching everyones lives whether they realize it or not; starting with the sea animals first. They, sadly breath and touch the stuff up close and personal- can you imagine what they must feel like??? So many beaching themselves as if they are coming to man, crying out for help, only to lay in the sun in pain and just suffer till they die. 😦

Radiation From Fukushima

MarineLab’s Research

Fukushima Radiation Damages Thyroid Glands Of California Babies


Hard water is hard to swallow………

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Radiation Detox!!!!  (Find out more!) Stay clean…

Revelation 8:8 |And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

Revelation 8:9 |And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.