Hurricane Michael Hits Category 4 As It Nears Florida Panhandle

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UPDATE!: Floridians, Georgians, Time to Become Preppers (VIDEO)

Evacuations Ordered Ahead of “Monstrous Hurricane” Michael, State of Emergency Declared In Georgia

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God’s Word Gets Credit For Life Saved From Sea! (LINK)


Aldi Novel Adilang, 19, survived 49 days adrift at sea by eating fish and drinking sea water. He consulted a Bible when he grew desperate.

A lesson we all can use. Got a problem? Read the instructions!

“An Indonesian teenager, who worked on a floating fish trap 80 miles off the country’s coast, survived 49 days adrift in the Pacific Ocean with only a Bible, limited rations and a small radio, reports said Monday.

Strong winds during a July storm reportedly snapped the lines keeping Aldi Novel Adilang, a 19-year-old lamp keeper, moored in place. He was helpless and floated off without even a paddle.

“Aldi said he had been scared and often cried when adrift. Every time he saw a large ship, he said he was hopeful, but more than ten ships had passed him, none of them stopped,” Fajar Firdaus, a diplomat, said, according to reports…..

……………He said through a diplomat that it was frustrating seeing ships in the distance and being unable to get their crews’ attention. He said in an interview that he thought he was going to die, and considered suicide. The Guardian reported that in his darkest times, he consulted the Bible……..”

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Meanwhile Super Typhoon Mangkhut hits the Philippines with power of 500,000 Hiroshima bombs (LINK)

A SUPER typhoon that has dwarfed Hurricane Florence is set to break records as it tears towards the Philippines with millions of people at risk. It is called Mangkhut and has the power of 500,000 Hiroshima nukes. 

screenshot from http://strangesounds.org/

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They Ran Previously A Simulation of a CAT 4 Hitting The Middle East Coast (VIDEO)

This video is 5 minutes; uh…..I’ll let you judge but…we really should not take things like this lightly…this again I reiterate; THIS, is why we prep….THIS is why we Bug Out…and prepare for just this scenario; there’s nothing negative or crazy about saving lives, including our own…I’d like to be positive, but the best positive is to survive and help others and out families do the same. God Bless!!! – Moraldiplomat——enjoy and take serious this video. 🙂 Have FAITH in God and listen to Him leading you; stay calm and to those of you who hear God, pray, thank Him for guidance. Use what you have and what you know to help others. Be a blessing; be someone’s hero!

Just months ago, disaster planners simulated a Category 4 hurricane strike alarmingly similar to the real-word scenario now unfolding on a dangerously vulnerable stretch of the East Coast. A fictional “Hurricane Cora” barreled into southeast Virginia and up the Chesapeake Bay to strike Washington, D.C., in the narrative created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Argonne National Laboratory. The result was catastrophic damage, which has some experts concerned that Hurricane Florence could produce a disaster comparable to 2005’s Hurricane Katrina and in a part of the country that is famously difficult to evacuate. The simulated hurricane knocked out power for most gas stations in the Mid-Atlantic region, damaged a nuclear power plant and sent debris into major shipping channels, among other problems, according to a Department of Energy simulation manual. Learn More: https://wlos.com/news/local/in-simula…

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Category 4 Hurricane Simulation Devastated East Coast Just Months Ago

By Associated Press 10 hours ago weather.com


Fukushima in America? Twelve nuclear power plants are in the path of Hurricane Florence… flooding, storm surge threaten cooling operations (LINK)

Update: 1:59 PM (EDT/EST) 9-12-18; At this time I have reason to believe that my state WILL experience statewide power outages. I’m not a meteorologist but I’ve studied weather and the military’s weather control program. At this time, this particular hurricane is set to attack the Brunswick Nuclear power plant, one power plant in the state of South Carolina, and even yet one power plant in Georgia. That’s ironic. I do not believe in coincidences. If I’m wrong, then I claim “insanity” as a defense…LOL hahaha! But seriously, even the Weather Channel and FEMA are saying that this will be the storm of a lifetime, and WILL be life changing…so, are they exaggerating too?? Anyway, this post may be my last post for some time and will return when I am able. God bless you and yours, keep North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia in your prayers. Loss of property and life is affirmative…I guess no one could imagine a statewide power outage, but never say never. Take care and help your neighbors!!! – Moraldiplomat

Live Weather Channel can be found at times on Youtube also: https://weather.com/

Will Duke Energy’s Brunswick nuclear plant’s flood barriers stop Hurricane Florence?


Could it happen? Sure! will it happen? Time tells it all. Never happen in America? They thought the same in Japan. Just making you aware. Many people across the social media outlets are aware of this scenario. So many are prepping for a hurricane, but what could be lurking is an issue, a radioactive issue (God forbid!) in my state of North Carolina. It’s not going to be good for anyone on the Eastern Seaboard….! I’m hoping as you might be thinking- BS! But I thought it wise to mention this so you will at least be aware that the USA is vulnerable when it comes to our nuclear plants. Forget terrorism…obtuse weather and a faulty back up or sabotaged coolant system is all we really need…THAT SUCKS! Anyway; enjoy the link:

“At least twelve operating nuclear reactors are in the predicted path of Hurricane Florence, which has been upgraded to a category 4 storm as it surges toward the U.S. East Coast. According to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which offers an interactive map of active nuclear reactors, two plants are vulnerable to both heavy rainfall and the expected storm surge which could bring a surge of up to 20 feet of ocean water pouring into coastal areas.

Those two reactors, located NE of Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, are known as “Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Unit 1” and “Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Unit 1.”

Each unit produces nearly 1,000 MWe of electricity, and they are both built on the General Electric “Type 4” power plant design, which is almost identical to the GE nuclear power plant design used in the Fukushima-Daiichi reactors in Japan. All of these reactors are designed and constructed as “boiling-water reactors” or BWRs. The designs are decades old, and they are subject to catastrophic failures and even core meltdowns that release radioactive isotopes directly into the atmosphere and surrounding areas…..”

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Hurricane Florence Forecast to Hit Near Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant in North Carolina


UPDATE 1-U.S. nuclear power plants prepare for Hurricane Florence

from : https://www.reuters.com/article/storm-florence-nuclear/update-1-u-s-nuclear-power-plants-prepare-for-hurricane-florence-idUSL2N1VX1LC

Sept 11 (Reuters) - Several nuclear power reactors in North
and South Carolina and Virginia on Tuesday started to prepare
for Hurricane Florence, which is expected to hit the coast as a
major hurricane on Friday.
    The storm threatened to make landfall with massive waves and
winds of up to 130 mile per hour (209 km per hour), making it a
Category 3 or 4 storm on a five-step scale, the National
Hurricane Center in Miami warned.
    There are 16 nuclear reactors in North Carolina, South
Carolina and Virginia, the states expected to suffer the most
damage from Florence. 
    Florence will most likely affect Duke Energy Corp's
1,870-megawatt (MW) Brunswick and 932-MW Harris nuclear plants
in North Carolina and, if it turns north, Dominion Energy Inc's
 1,676-MW Surry plant in Virginia, Roger Hannah, spokesman
for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) Region 2
office in Atlanta said on Tuesday.
    One megawatt can power about 1,000 U.S. homes.
    Duke said it could take days to several weeks to restore
power to all customers after a storm like Florence depending on
the extent of damage and post-storm conditions.
    "We anticipate Hurricane Florence to be a historic storm
that will impact all customers," said Grace Rountree, a
spokeswoman for the company. Duke serves 4 million customers in
the Carolinas.
    Duke's Brunswick nuclear plant is located near Southport,
which is close to where Florence is expected to hit. It is about
4 miles (6 km) from the coast and about 30 miles south of
Wilmington, North Carolina. The NRC said in a 2004 report that
all of the safety-related structures at Brunswick were
waterproof up to 22 feet (6.7 meters) above sea level.
    Several hurricanes have passed close to Brunswick since the
two reactors there entered service in 1975 and 1977, including
Hurricane Fran in 1996 and Diana in 1984, both Category 3
storms. Hurricane Hugo, a powerful Category 4 storm, made
landfall about 150 miles southwest of Brunswick in South
Carolina in 1989.
    Duke spokeswoman Mary Kathryn Green said that since the
accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan in 2011 all
U.S. nuclear plants have installed more safety equipment,
including portable pumps and generators.
    To prepare for the storm, nuclear operators check on backup
diesel generators to make sure they have enough fuel, conduct
site walk downs and secure any loose equipment that could become
a projectile in the wind, said Hannah at the NRC. 
    "Most of the plants have gone through or are going through
their pre-storm preparations now," Hannah said.
    About 12 hours before the hurricane arrives, the reactors at
the nuclear plants will be shut down, Hannah said.
 Plant          Size (MW)  State  Owner
 Brunswick 1       938      NC    Duke
 Brunswick 2       932      NC    Duke
 Catawba 1        1160      NC    Duke
 Catawba 2        1150      NC    Duke
 McGuire 1        1158      NC    Duke
 McGuire 2        1158      NC    Duke
 Harris            932      NC    Duke
 Oconee 1          847      SC    Duke
 Oconee 2          848      SC    Duke
 Oconee 3          859      SC    Duke
 Robinson 2        741      SC    Duke
 Summer            971      SC    Scana
 North Anna 1      948      VA    Dominion
 North Anna 2      944      VA    Dominion
 Surry 1           838      VA    Dominion
 Surry 2           838      VA    Dominion

READ MORE > https://www.reuters.com/article/storm-florence-nuclear/update-1-u-s-nuclear-power-plants-prepare-for-hurricane-florence-idUSL2N1VX1LC




Evacuations Ordered In North Carolina As Hurricane Florence Hits CAT 3 As It Approaches (VIDEO ALERT)

Looks like even in my area; my family and I are going to get a little wind and rain. We are expecting power outages in my neck of the wood. Oh well…we are ready.

Suppose to start feeling this hurricane by Wednesday, and the real force of Hurricane Florence by Thursday and into Friday. They are evacuating many parts of North & South Carolina coasts! Tracks of this hurricane do not look good. God bless any and all who will be impacted by this hurricane event.

Enjoy the video update by my friend DAHBOO77