Mediterranean diet protects you from the long-term effects of air pollution (LINK)

Earth…unfortunately is poisoned; especially the “air”

“New research has found a way to counter the long-term adverse effects of air pollution. The study, presented at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) 2018 International Conference, has suggested that eating a Mediterranean diet can help protect people from some of the long-term effects of air pollution and minimize the risk of deaths from all causes, including heart attack and stroke………

……Then, they linked participants to estimates of long-term exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and ozone (O3) based on census tract information. After these, they compared the results of the participants who adhered the least to a Mediterranean diet with those who adhered the most to the dietary pattern………

……….For every 10 parts per billion (ppb) increase in long-term average NOexposure, deaths from all causes, cardiovascular disease deaths, and heart attack deaths increased by five, 10, and 12 percent, respectively, among participants with the least adherence to a Mediterranean diet. In comparison, participants with the most adherence to a Mediterranean diet only had two, two, and four percent increased deaths, respectively……

………Given the benefits we found of a diet high in anti-oxidants, our results are consistent with the hypothesis that particle air pollution caused by fossil fuel combustion adversely affects health by inducing oxidative stress and inflammation,” said George Thurston, of the New York University School of Medicine and senior author of the study………….For the full story, click the link below:

Tips on following the Mediterranean diet:

Don’t Forget to Detox!


US Air Force Admits in Defense Hearing to HAARP Experiments


Deep Trouble

Does a Deep State exist in the United States?

To answer that, we must first understand what a deep state is.

The term comes from a radical criticism by the left about how deep the capitalist state can go – how networked it is, from the military industrial complex to all the features of the modern, Hegelian/Hobbesian state.

A deep state can exist in a democracy which lacks control over government economic, military and intelligence organizations. Such secrecy is destructive to a democracy that is supposed to be under an elected civilian political leadership.

When government organizations can implement operations in secrecy without public oversight (Which they have always done), they are effectively circumventing a democracy.

Does this exist in the United States? Let’s look at some historical events today.

Some of us baby boomers may remember COINTELPRO. The FBI began COINTELPRO—short for Counterintelligence Program—in 1956 to disrupt the activities of the Communist Party of the United States. In the 1960s, it was expanded to include several other domestic groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, the Socialist Workers Party, and the Black Panther Party. This action was actually done not to disrupt their agenda, but gain control of it for future usage.

All COINTELPRO operations were supposedly ended in 1971. Although limited in scope (about two-tenths of one percent of the FBI’s workload over a 15-year period- officially), COINTELPRO was later rightfully criticized by Congress and the American people for abridging first amendment rights and for other reasons.

You may or may not recall Operation Mockingbird. Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. Begun in the 1950s, it was initially organized by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles, it was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became the head of the CIA. The organization recruited leading American journalists into a network to help present the CIA’s views, and funded some student and cultural organizations, and magazines as fronts. As it developed, it also worked to influence foreign media and political campaigns, in addition to activities by other operating units of the CIA.

A Project Mockingbird is mentioned in the CIA Family Jewels report, compiled in the mid-70s. According to the declassified version of the report released in 2007, Project Mockingbird involved wire-tapping of two American journalists for several months in the early 1960s. There was certainly more but you won’t get to read about it anytime soon and if you do it will be re-written for public.

The list goes on and on. Many incidents we hear about in the news have a more complicated history than most civilians could ever imagine. Government agencies hardly ever serve the people and this is contrary to democracy. The circumventing of democracy has a long history and is likely very careful and sophisticated in 2017.

The corporate-owned mass media will tell you the idea of a “deep state” is only “conspiracy theory,” but history is indisputable. This makes me think the mass media has been thoroughly compromised; and it has been for some time now.

The bottom line here is government agencies are acting in secrecy outside of the democracy. Unfortunately for democracy, a secret “deep state” does seem to exist and operate in the US and probably in other countries as well. Just be aware. Walking in the dark these days can get you in trouble or worse.

Credit: Derek P.

Thanks Derek!!!

Eph 5:12 “For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

Bonus NEWS!

Google-YouTube Being Sued For Anti-Trust Violations From Censored Social Media Users (LINK)

In other news:

Facebook blocks all Natural News article posts to 2.2M fans after site posts White House petition citing immunization dangers (LINK)

The Shadow in the Window

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It’s Sunday…April 30, 2017 Have a comfortable evening.

2 Corinthians 7:1

“Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.”

The Shadow in the Window

‘It sat just inside the broken upstairs window, leering at people passing by. An ugly red head with a hooked beak topped shoulders that were hunched in seeming indifference to its repulsive appearance….anyone brave enough to go upstairs would quickly be turned away by the smell. This was home for a vulture family.

The same house also sheltered a small family of people. The diligent housewife cooked, swept and washed; keeping everything clean and tidy- but only downstairs. The hard-working father mowed the lawn and maintained the outbuildings. He never went upstairs either! it made him sick to think of the second story of the house, with its peeling wallpaper and filthy floors. Besides, it was embarrassing to accommodate a disgusting family of vultures. He hoped no visitors ever noticed the shadow lurking in the window.

Unbelievable? Well, I agree. Well would live like that?! But if we think about it, many of us are in the same situation; if we maintain the appearance of a pure life while hiding the putrid presence of sin we are harboring. Our lives are totally cleansed when we accept Christ’s offer of salvation, but we dare not stop there! If our faith doesn’t include continuing victory, we are sure to lose out. The vultures of sin will bring their corruption into our souls and will make the benefits of our salvation of none effect.

All who profess faith in Jesus must allow Him to continue His work of purification and holiness in everyday life. If we are plagued by besetting sin, we need to confess it and cry out for help. The Lord “……is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,…” (Jude 24) Nobody wants vultures in their house amen?’

*Thanks: Benjamin J.

Unending Journey



Love should always remain hopeful and positive in the difficult journey that follows along life’s “bumpy detours and highways”.


Love should never lead dreamers astray, left to stumble and stammer along the “narrow muddy paths” of unfulfilled love, nor leave them alone to pass the dark and shadowy graveyards on the “lonely boulevards” of broken hearts, strewn with unkept promises and shattered dreams of “what was to be”.


Love should always be alert and avoid the uncompromising gray sidewalk of the “two way street” of opposite direction and conflict and seek the sunny “one way street” of like attraction, goals, aims, purposes and desires.


So always drive on the “high road” on life’s golden carpet down the “yellow brick road” to love and life’s grand “promenades” and elegant “thoroughfares,” leaving together to follow and smell the sweet scents and fragrances that waif and rise to greet and linger in the air.




I Am a Caterpillar


One day, while sitting in the warm sunshine, I spotted a caterpillar making his journey from the grass to the concrete of the patio. I sat there and watched him for the longest time.

He seemed to be moving at a steady pace, when suddenly, he stumbled. His back end twisted and turned over, but his front end stayed in place.

Struggling to continue his journey, he managed to straighten out his back end. On he went toward his destination, when shortly after, he stumbled again. Continuing this routine, he finally made it across the patio. A dark shadow covered him as the sun went behind a cloud.

I did not watch him any longer, though he had not finished his journey. I did not know his destination, but he did. Suddenly I realized that his ultimate destination was to get to a place where he would transform into a beautiful butterfly.

I am like the caterpillar, traveling through this life, stumbling along the way and fighting the darkness of sin. Do I know my destination? The answer is yes, and alas, when I get there I will become that beautiful butterfly that God wants me to be!’

Credit: Geri L. Phillips —Texas

1 Cor. 15:51-52 “Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”

To start your own journey click HERE 


The Dog and the Shadow


A DOG, crossing a bridge over a stream with a piece of flesh in his mouth, saw his own shadow in the water and took it for that of another Dog, with a piece of meat double his own in size. He immediately let go of his own, and fiercely attacked the other dog to get his larger piece from him. He thus lost both: that which he grasped at in the water, because it was a shadow; and his own, because the stream swept it away.

-Aesop Fable

Greed can lead to great loses. In trying to get more; many times you can lose what you already had. Bigger is not always better. And more is never enough. You cannot satisfy the flesh. Your own carnal desires will cause you to lose all. Consider others before yourself and you will always have plenty. As long as you have one hand to give, the other hand will always be full.

James 4:2 “Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.’

Lk 6:38 “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.”

James 4:3 “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.”

Phil 2:4 “Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.”

1 John 2:15-17 “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.”

Matthew 6:31-34

“Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

Seeker of Happiness


A little long but man!…I believe this one drives it home.” 🙂

There was young man who set out on a quest because he wanted to find the secret to happiness. He went to different places hoping someone out there could give him the secret to find that elusive happiness that he longs for.

It was while passing a small village that he learned about an old hermit that lives by the mountain who knows the secret to happiness. Excited, he asks how he can go to this man. He arrived there by nightfall and the old man was eating alone in his humble home. He motioned for the young man to enter and shared with him the food on his table.

After eating, the young man asked the hermit about the answer to his quest, “I have come from afar searching for the key to finding this happiness. I want to know how can I achieve this.”

The old hermit looked beyond the window and into the darkness beyond. Taking out his pipe, he spoke slowly to the young man. “Tomorrow, at the first streak of light in the horizon, go to the top of the mountain and look at the ground that you will be standing. There, you will discover the key to what you are looking for.”

Excitedly, the young man went to sleep and woke up the next day. His thoughts were filled with so many beautiful things that he expects to find at the ground at the top of the mountain.

The sun is already shining its brilliance when the young man reached the top of the mountain. Too excited to take a rest, he started checking the grounds that he is standing. Thoughts of gold and buried treasures make his heart started to pound with anticipation.

After hours of searching and digging, he eventually gave up. Feeling cheated and fooled, he went back to the old hermit and confronted him.

I did what you exactly told me. I checked the ground that I stood upon and dug till my hands hurt, yet I haven’t seen the key to happiness that you have been telling me I will find there.“

 The old hermit lighted his pipe, then after taking a few puffs, looked at the young man in the eye and asked. “You haven’t seen anything?”

The young man replied irritatedly.

No! I haven’t seen anything except that damned shadow of mine.”

My son, you have been searching for something far too long, that little by little you are starting to get blind. Happiness is an elusive thing to those who search for it. Mainly because as they continue their search, they started to create a certain condition that has to be achieved in order for their own happiness to be found.”

I knew a young man very much like you. He left his family because he too wanted to find happiness. While trying to decipher how he could find the key to happiness, he saw a group of travelers passing by. And that moment on he decided that he would be happy if only he would have the freedom just like those travelers. So he packed his clothes and left his family to join those travelers. Still he could not find in his heart the happiness he thought he found…..

….On their journey he saw a wealthy man and decided that he would be happy if only he become rich. So he worked for years and years till he was able to have all the money that he thought would make him happy. Still, happiness was nowhere to be found…...

…..Feeling lost, he walked and walked, the days became months until he found himself back into the village that he left years before. Suddenly, he felt alive at the thought of seeing his wife and son. He hurriedly went to their old hut and was stunned to learn that his wife died months before and that his only son left with his new wife…….

….Feeling his world starting to crush above him, he sat under the shade of an old sycamore tree. Staring ahead, he saw a young woman collecting dried clothes from a clothesline and he noticed the movements of her shadow as she moves. And suddenly, tears welled up in his eyes, for the answer to his quest was right there all along.“

The young man was pierced with a gaze so direct he was unable to look away from those eyes. Old eyes that held so much wisdom that he felt his heart starting to beat with anticipation for what he was about to learn.

Happiness is like a shadow. The more you try to hold it within your grasp, the more it will escape you. But if you turn your back and forget about it, it will follow you wherever you go.“

The eyes that a few moments before pierced him with its gaze, suddenly became tired and misty.

I was that young man. I was too busy searching for my own happiness that I failed to notice that it’s already within my grasp. And when I was able to realize that, It was already too late for me.“

An old gnarled hand touched the young man’s shoulder. “You are young my friend. You have plenty of time for you to be able to hold it within your grasp. Do not be like me, you go on your way now that there is still light; because once that light starts to fade, your shadow of happiness will soon be engulfed by the darkness to be lost forever.”

The young man felt misty with tears that he could only look at this old and lonely man.

Thank you”, he said brokenly. The old man smiled, for the first time in many years. “No my son, I thank you. Because just by making you realize the answer to your quest, I know that the young man I was before, was able to finally see a hint of a shadow starting to form behind him.“