World Of Weird – Doomsday Preppers (VIDEO original)

I don’t even remember subscribing to this channel! But it came to my inbox, and well, I watched it (9min 42 sec)…I HIGHLY recommend you do too! But before you judge (as everyone judges), see it to the end; and answer these questions: Are they over-prepped, just enough, or freaking crazy?

My take: So many events have happened around the world (and continue to happen), especially in the USA…we score high on the crime rates, and even worse (here lately) when it comes to rogue cops killing, FEMA detaining people (there are still missing people) any and all races of people. These scenarios are up for interpretation, eyes of the beholder, situations are different…………… (continue reading below video)

People everywhere are having what I’d call their own apocalypse (usually with weather related issues),…but consider how many crimes you hear about in your area, and on the news (worldwide)- what are the starting and finishing points to a neighborhood crime? No one really can side properly with preparedness quality until YOU yourself or someone you love has experienced, police brutality, unfair injustice by the “authorities, a rape, child abduction/molestation, a murder, a robbery, and countless other incidents where there are victims.

As we know, people often wonder where was the police when you need them? Answer in short is, they can’t follow you everywhere you go…and Sh-T happens! It is your divine right and your state/ country right to protect yourself and your family from would be issues, bad police, dangerous neighbors, or criminals in general…and there is no shortage of either.

I believe in God’s divine protection for my family but I personally have been tempted to use force (not deadly) in a short variety of ways. And as I’ve said, (referring to guns), I’d rather have one and not need it, than to need one and not have it.

As for this video; I think it was exploited incorrectly (by a Brit), however; there comes a time, or will in your life possibly (God forbid) where you “wished” you had something, or did something different to, in your mind or in truth, that would have changed the outcome of a disaster or a criminal activity. I think ONE should prepare for “whatever” as they see fit- and we should have (even if it looks or sounds crazy) the freedom to do so, so long as laws and rules, safety are adhered to; and finally, it’s been said, “Don’t judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.”  –Moraldiplomat



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