Thank God For Hurricanes

Hurricanes are awful, but at least we have some warning they are coming unlike quick-forming tornadoes or sudden earthquakes. We knew about Harvey for days before it landed in coastal Texas. Hurricane Irma was bearing down on Florida but would not make landfall until the nearing weekend.

See, a hurricane gives you about a week to prepare. You can shop for extra food, board up the windows, and even get out of Dodge.

Even then some people weren’t prepared, they decided to wait until the last minute. For many in Texas and Florida, a “SHTF” situation occurred for them. It’s just a matter of time before one of those moments get near you.

As a last minute prep-work; thousands of people showed up to their grocery store and found it looking like this:

That’s an actual photo from my cousin’s Facebook page she posted right before Hurricane Harvey landed at the coast of Texas. You think she learned a lesson in preparedness?

Had she asked me beforehand I would have said that, at the very least, she should have:

  • Backup power/Heat
  • Extra water
  • Extra medications and essentials
  • Bug out bag
  • A place and means to escape to if you need to get the heck out

Luckily there is good news: You DO have time to prepare for anything – as long as you start now.

Credit: Chris P.

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Prov 22:3A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.”

Prov 27:12A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.”



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Could it Happen?

Never say never survival tidbit

‘Just when you think all is well, and will be; yeah with minor ups and downs……..

The bottom just dropped out. All your warning triggers are telling you it’s time to pack everyone into the family bug out mobile and leave town before it gets worse. Much worse.

You thought ahead which is fortunate for you and your family. You have a vehicle adequately equipped for the journey to your bug out location with essential gear, plenty of fuel with extra in reserve and everyone in the family has their bug out bags stowed safely away. Nervously, you pull out of your driveway in the middle of night to avoid most of the trouble already brewing.

This may possibly be the last time you see your home and just like every trip before, you have the nagging sensation you forgot something.

Many disasters we patriots think and plan for could require you to leave the safety of your home, possibly forever. In a situation like this, your well stocked bug out bags and any other gear and supplies you load and carry could be the sum of all your worldly possessions.

Some disaster scenarios assume the worst, a complete destruction through various means that leaves the civilization as we know it destroyed beyond repair for years-even if only in some areas. In a complete disaster like that, we make assumptions that normal commerce as we know it would effectively be over so the subject of bartering after SHTF comes to mind.

In other scenarios, which some might argue are many times more likely, the world won’t just stop functioning overnight. Every store won’t be closed and you will be able to buy supplies with whatever monetary instruments you have on hand that are still worth a commonly understood value. For most of the world, certainly here in the US we look to cash as the main fallback, but some people are saving precious metals as well to hedge against a currency collapse where that cash you are stowing away is worthless.

Assuming money in the common forms we are talking about here (cash, precious metals) is able to be used to our benefit during a bug out scenario, have you ever thought about how much you need to put into your bug out bag?

Why have any money in your bug out bag in the first place? Well, there are many good reasons I can think of. Imagine a scenario where the power is out, possibly for weeks. You wouldn’t be able to use ATM machines because they rely on power (AND no they don’t have back up generators for ATM’s). Stores couldn’t run credit/debit card transactions without power because they all go through the internet now which relies on power. If the electricity is out, the way we commonly get access to our money or conduct electronic transactions is gone until the power comes back.

You could just drive to the bank and pull out as much as you need, right?

Not necessarily. You only need look to the people of Greece who still can’t get more than roughly $50 out of the bank each day. Would you want to have your cash reserves limited by what the banks could or would allow you to take out?

No, I wouldn’t either and that is the main reason why I advocate keeping as much money as logical for you personally out of the banking system. And keep or print off bank statements often. If the power does eventually come back on; will your cash amount be still recorded accurately? Keep good records.

Credit: Jonathan C.

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1 Tim 5:8 “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. “

What if the Lights Go Out?

*Survival tips

We must always look forward, but we must understand history so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. I have seen too many instances where people continue to pursue wrong courses of action because they do not take the time to think critically about what has happened in the past.

The Dark Age is one of those moments in history we’re ashamed of. Still, there are valuable lessons to be learned from the Dark Ages which apply to survival and preparedness. The biggest one is defending your home.

With Rome in ruins, people in western and central Europe were constantly raided by peoples such as the Vikings in the north or Muslim Saracens in today’s Spain and southern Italy. They didn’t have anyone to defend them so they had to do it themselves (unless they were fortunate enough to live in castles, of course).

Probably the biggest lesson from the dark ages is that if your town or region is in ruins, it’s very unlikely that anyone will come to your rescue. Prepping is just that, taking matters into your own hands and not waiting for the Government or FEMA or local authorities to come help you.

During the Middle Ages, people under siege would bug out into the mountains where they were hard to spot and fight. They would burn down the crops because the enemy relied on finding food there and poison all the wells for the same reason.

These defensive strategies worked very well to weaken the enemy, even though peoples’ homes were left completely vulnerable. There’s an amazing lesson to be learned. When you see you’re unable to defend your home, it’s best to bug out than to die inside it. Mountain areas have always provided good cover not just from natural disasters but also from other people. I’m sure you can find a nice bug out location in the mountains, too.

What about bugging in? Was this ever an option in the Middle Ages? Only if you lived inside or near a castle, unfortunately. They were specifically made to withstand any kind of invasion and siege and allowed the entire population to live inside off the stockpiled food for months on end.

The structure of these castles was complex but they were well designed for defensive purposes. Some of the most interesting element was the keep, the best defended part of the castle where one could make a last stand (much like the safe room inside your house), as well as strategically placed towers which had arrow slits. Let’s not forget as well, the moat, which was a pit around the outside of the castle, filled with water, to make it more difficult for the attackers to climb the outer walls

Speaking of castles, life in court was also full of valuable lessons, the most important one being that you couldn’t trust anyone. Much like life post-collapse, OPSEC and COMSEC were highly important. The better you were at keeping your mouth shut, the more privileges awaited you, including money and land.

This will be similar with the WROL (without the rule of law) situations we might encounter should a total societal collapse happen. With no authorities or bad one in power, people will divide into factions. You’ll have to deal with both gangs of thugs, possibly foreign military, conservatives, democrats, republicans, and anyone else with a vision of what’s right or wrong- many just won’t have a mind for truth or what’s right and will be fighting for influence over certain areas, as well as with conflicts within your own survival group is possible.

Don’t think it can happen in your life time or your country? Stand by…………it’s coming!

Credit: Frank M.

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In The Event

* Survival tidbit

Over the years, I’ve heard survival-minded folk talk about SHTF, WROL, and TEOTWAWKI as though they were looking forward to such disasters. They can test out their cool gear, get to their bug out locations, and live out in real life the survival fantasies they’ve only read about in books.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh, but no matter how well prepared any of us think we are, the reality of a SHTF scenario will absolutely be more than we can imagine and there are a multitude of variables that no one can anticipate.

I can’t ignore the ominous tone of headlines across the internet saying a “surprise” nuclear war, a World War 3, is a possibility. Admittedly, with the current leader of North Korea heading up a standing army of 1.1 million strong, with another 8.3 million in reserves, anything is likely.

Oh, yeah. Those pesky “failed” missile tests. No doubt some of them were actual failures, but what if the goal was only to see how far into the atmosphere the missile could reach? Armed with a nuclear warhead, that launched missile may have a chance of creating an electromagnetic pulse near, or over, the American homeland.

Obviously, I’ve been considering this possible scenario for a while and have determined the best course of action for my family and I is to prepare to maintain the best level of normalcy possible.

If my income is interrupted, I can prepare by saving money, paying off debt, learning additional skills that could generate income and teach my kids skills they can use to earn money. If that even is a viable thing during a SHTF crisis.

My thought process here is to become as financially independent as possible on my average, middle class earnings if it matters. If war does come, I’m not going to count on the mortgage company telling me I can continue living in our house if I can’t make payments. Even if the dollar becomes devalued so much so that to keep it would mean another type of currency or I’m being evicted because eminent domain is trumping me, in any case, I’d rather have $10,000 in savings (of some form of wealth than nothing at all if that will even matter.

If supply lines cause scarcity, we can prepare by continuing to stock up on food, medicine, and other hard goods (needful things), making sure your kids know how to cook from scratch, and keeping track of these measures so there’s no shortage of anything critical.

No one can stock up on multiples of every single item they might ever need, so I’ve been working on covering the basics and covering them very well. Every month we buy a little more food specifically for our food storage pantry. My wife looks for coupons and sales on non-food items, like OTC medications, household cleaners, paper plates, pretty much anything that would come in handy and has a good long shelf life.

Preppers aren’t crazy or the enemy, just prepared people expecting the worst but hoping for the best.

It’s all too easy to mock Kim Jong-un — his haircut, portly build, somewhat vacant stare, but as I’ve taught my kids, someone with an IQ of 48 can kill you just as easily as someone with an IQ 3 times that. Kim Jong-un has managed to have his brother assassinated, has brutally cleansed his government of the tiniest sign of dissent, and seems fully in charge of an isolated country of some 25 million citizens; and guess what? It CAN happen here in the event of a national problem- man made or natural (unnatural).

I’m not going to minimize the impact of a World War 3 or some other unforeseen event on our homeland.

Credit: in more parts to Jonathan C.

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Your Skills- Get Some

*Survival thoughts

Our modern society is highly dependent upon we’ll call the “system.” Not only do we rely upon utility services to bring us electricity, water and natural gas, but also on an incredibly complex supply chain which provides us with everything from food to computers. Without that supply chain, most of us wouldn’t know what to do.

This situation is becoming worse, rather than better. When I compare my generation to that of my children, I see some striking differences. For my generation, it was normal for a boy to grow up learning how to do a wide variety of trade skills from his father, and seemingly everyone knew how to do basic carpentry and mechanic work. But that’s no longer normal.

If we extrapolate it back, we can see that my father’s generation knew even more – and my grandparent’s generation even more. Those older generations were much more closely tied to the roots of an agricultural society, where people were self-reliant. There are multiple skills they had which modern society no longer considers necessary.

But if we were to have a breakdown in society, those skills which we never bothered to learn would become essential. Those who don’t know these skills would either learn or die.

Our last Afternoon Alert discussed some of these essential but forgotten skills, and we’ll describe a few more here.

Tanning hides isn’t too difficult, but there is certainly a learning curve. Learning how to scrape away the fat on the hide without tearing it will ensure every hide you harvest will be in good shape. Hides can be used in your own home, shelter, as clothing, or for barter.

Gunsmithing is a skill that will not only ensure your guns are kept in good working order, but could also become your trade in a post-collapse world. Learn the inner workings of various types of guns and what it takes to repair them.

Construction knowledge including how to frame a house or build log cabins will be very useful. Very few people know how to make a home that is structurally sound. You’ll want to know how to make trusses, how to make foundations from stones, and the best kinds of wood to use.

Gardening is something many people dabble in, but you need to have a very firm grasp on how to till fields, when to plant, how to combat plant diseases, and when to harvest.

Gardening will be one of the main food sources after TEOTWAWKI and you won’t have time to practice when your life depends on it. You need to learn how to grow in bulk and how to raise crops you wouldn’t typically grow like wheat, oats, and pinto beans.

Food preservation without the luxury of electricity is going to be a necessity. You need to learn how to build a solar dehydrator and how to preserve meat to store for months at a time without putting it in a freezer or refrigerator. Learn how to make a smoker to preserve the meat you harvest as well.


Remember, we’re all in this together,

Derek P.

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‘Chance Favors the Prepared Mind’

-Louis Pasteur