Strong Volcano Eruption Sends Ash Plume 30,000 Feet Above Vanuatu (*ALERT VIDEO)

+ Also Hawaii / Iceland also having issues- world is falling apart…when will it end??? Never? Hawaii still continues to have quakes some very powerful daily. Thanks to DAHBOO77 for the 3 minute vid report below:


25 Simple and Cheap Camping Foods (LINK+VIDEO)

Ok, no these are not the most healthy foods in the world; but if you’re camping and or in a survival situation, organic elegance goes out the door (unless you’re eating roots) sometimes eh? Anyway, thought it was worth posting. Enjoy the vid and the link:  🙂


  1. Ramen noodles
  2. Meat packets
    • Tuna packets
    • Spam packets
  3. Instant soup
  4. Mashed potatoes
  5. Ready meals (microwaveable pouches)
    • Roasted vegetable penne
    • Red beans and rice

For the rest of this list click the link below:



How To Choose A Bug Out Location (LINK)

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This Tidbit Just Might Save Your Life in the Bush (LINK)

Simple Personal Camouflage Rules to Follow

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Understanding the different camouflage patterns and where to use them

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Encouraging Others To Start Prepping (LINK)

9 Foolproof Ways To Encourage Your Stubborn Friends To Start Prepping

Ya know, prepping is not THE super solution. However, with weather events (at this time) and well, say criminal activities against us in the world (some could come from even law enforcement as we’ve seen), prepping mildly- is not a crazy idea. Ask the people in Hawaii, Texas, Puerto Rico,people in tornado pathways, beach dwellers just watching the hurricane destroy their homes…those who only “wished” they had a firearm or some other item (flashlight, knife, etc) of survival……only to have to find another exit, or plan “B,” or all they get is a lot of heartache. Do some thinking and figure out what your survival items and plans might consist of “if” such and such was to happen. Never say never!

Could we be more better prepared “in the event of” than have to suffer letting others flip the bill, or be dependent on what local authorities might do to help/hurt you? (like it’s their job anyway). I’m not saying go out and buy all you can; but a little here and there is not being extreme, it’s being prepared and our friends are no different. They’ll be glad you talked them into it. What’s that saying?…”The life you save may be your own.” Enjoy the link:


“Mother Nature flexed her muscles in Minnesota this week as torrential downpours almost claimed the life of a 16-year-old motorist after his car was swallowed by a sinkhole that opened up on a road.

The teenager was on his way to work on a local farm near Redwood Falls when he accidentally drove into a massive hole that had recently been cut away in the road by heavy rainfall…….”


What if this was your son, nephew or brother? This is why we need to prep. Even teenagers need some survival lessons. I know sinkholes are kinda new to most, but they are on the rise. Information about them needs to get around and what to do if you or someone else falls into one. To the best of my knowledge, Florida holds the trophy for the most sinkholes in the USA. 

These Are The Places You Are Most Likely To Be Swallowed By A Sinkhole

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Get Out Fast With The Best Car Escape Tool

Recommended From Amazon (LINK):

The above amazon link is a knife; it’s only $6.50 (USD) It has a glass breaking end, and a safety blade on the end for cutting away a seat belt. Seat belts are “ok” but when you can’t get out of them, or some other unforeseen issue, …it’s time to get outa that belt, a nice sharp quick cut-away blade does the trick! And if you follow me, you know I’m a knife guy.

How many times have you wished you had something sharp to cut open into something??? I don’t worry; always carry. Not trying to sell this particular knife. Has good reviews (or it did) ;you just need to find a knife with both tools on it. I chose this one cause it’s cheap, but descent for the money. So whether you’re in the water in a sinking car, or in a car in a sinkhole (as the case above) you’ll have a tool that can save your life or someone else’s.