Flat Earth? Best Proof of 2017!

This blessed me. Hope it blesses you. We all have wisdom and knowledge in different degrees; use it…watch the video from start to end, and you decide. This just might be a revelation to some. If so,……run with it. 🙂


New Years Resolution?

You may want to re-think you new year agendas. I cannot give my source verification here for obvious reasons, but in this video, it’s all documented, and accurate. Sadly, the Bible Scripture used is not the King James Bible. I think it will explain better. Nevertheless, this is accurate. One of the best vids on u tube I’ve seen!!! Surprised that it’s still on hear with all the vids being removed for numerous reasons. Please sit and watch it. Why am I posting this, cause I love people, adore freedom, and want my brothers and sisters of our ancestors safe and healthy. Be aware, gov’t IS NOT your friend; don’t I repeat, DON”T seek them for help, I don’r care if your house flies into the air or sinks into the ground.  Kudos to the one who made and captured this news footage. Thank you! God bless!!! For those of you who are not in America, pray for it’s people.

Do You Realize? (VIDEO)

After watching; do you still feel real, human, natural, organic…or something ……else?

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Oh, better hope we don’t have an EMP pulse…that’s one heck of a kill switch!!!


Whoa! Has YouTube Lost It’s Mind? (VIDEO)


This is borderline child abuse! America! ……..Speak up; speak out!

They use to say, that children are the future….what are we doing to the future?


Is This Cool or What? (Vid. Temp. Post)



Robin Hood’s Social Being

In most versions of the story, Robin Hood was a nobleman. He first got on the wrong side of the law by poaching deer off the royal hunting grounds. He responded by adopting a radical view of the government, protesting the taxes being levied to pay for the war in the Holy Land (the Crusades)

Does this taxation increase to pay for wars abroad scenario sound familiar? Seems nothing regarding wars never changes. Anyway, he banded with likewise tax resisters, survivalists, and so-called gangsters, all men, and camped in the woods. He supported the legitimate King Richard over the English government ruling in his absence, making Robin Hood a Tory.

If Robin Hood lived today, he would probably be considered extremely conservative, reading gun fanciers’ magazines (the modern equivalent of the longbow), loudly proclaiming his right to hunt, dressing in camo, driving a van, loving freedoms and just laws of the land and using the sort of political action through violence against the evil machinations of the powers that be- he would be known as a leader of a revolution, for the people, by the people and with the people. Basically appreciating and enforcing the Constitution of the U.S.

The idea that Robin Hood promoted a type of socialism seems to come from the saying “rob from the rich and give to the poor.”

That’s not exactly socialism, but it is a sort of redistributionism associated with many clans the world over. That’s not exactly what he did. Robin Hood took back that which was taken from the countryside’s people.

And, If the state isn’t on your side, you need to bribe the local state sympathizers to gain their favor so they won’t roll over on you and turn you into the supposed elected powers. Seems that some “people” know more about redistribution than those who mention the idea.

The easiest way to aid aid the people is to (take back that which was stolen from the people) distribute food to starving peasants, torture unfair task masters in front of their employees, toss bags of money out, etc.

The Australian bush rangers did that, as did pirates when they raided government/merchant ships, so did the Japanese yakuza at one time; we can put Robin Hood in the same category as well, an ultra-rightwing groups. Thumbs up for Robin Hood! True leaders must be willing to go against the grain for the sake of the less fortunate, helping those in need without a regard to repay. Not a political idealist full of lies and flattery; hypocrisy.

We ARE on the side of the underdog.

Credit in most part to Jonathan C.

*Thanks Jonathan


Anchors and Mid-Line Loops

Thanks to my friend and yours, Corporal Kelly @ Corporal’s Corner @ Youtube


10 Basic Survival Skills You Need To Master Before SHTF (LINK)



Still On The Robin Hood Kick

Is Robin Hood a criminal or a hero?

Robin Hood is both. Translation= Robin Hood would have made a true America Hero.

He is a criminal in the eyes of the corrupted rulers of his time.

He is a hero to the town folk and the public, for distributing what should be theirs.

It can be agreed a hero is someone who regards and protects the people. It can be agreed a criminal is someone who works outside or against the set law.

It can then be agreed Robin Hood is someone who regards and protects the people, but does so in a way outside or against the set law.

A criminal is someone has committed a crime, however not all laws are moral or just. For example, the Holocaust was an official government program as was Apartheid.

Robin Hood stole from the wealthy because they gained their money unfairly because of their positions in the government. They got to keep their money because of tax exemptions, but the only way to keep the country running without removing those was to increase taxation on middle-to-lower class to outrageous levels.

By doing this Robin Hood broke the law and therefore became a criminal. Robin Hood did however become a hero of the citizens because he returned money that should have been theirs to begin with.

We need more Robin Hood-like minded people stepping up!

Credit a true patriot, Jonathan C.

Thanks Jonathan!


Escape from plastic zip tie type police handcuffs