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For most people, purchasing enough food, water and supplies to get through a major disaster can be very difficult financially. The average person doesn’t have a lot of extra cash to put toward such a big investment. If you’re like most people, paying the bills and keeping a roof over your head is hard enough as it is.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help save a little money to put toward your prepping needs and we’ll discuss some of those things here. Every dollar you can save on household utilities, the grocery bill and so on can be put into your prepping.

Be a MacGyver and become a fix-it guru. Before sending that broken appliance to the garbage heap and replacing it with something new, try to fix it yourself. There are many web sites (, that offer lots of how-to’s for fixing everything from your laser printer to your espresso machine. In addition, you can find service manuals for many products on line at the manufacturer’s web site.

Another thing you can do is call the manufacturer’s customer service number. Often the company will guide you through troubleshooting steps or even send you free parts. I have found that this works especially well with plumbing issues.

Move fashion to the bottom of your priorities list. Choose function over fashion. This is difficult, I know. But think about the item you intend to purchase and how it is going to be used. A fancy, Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer may look great on your counter, but if you only cook the basics and bake only simple items, a $15 hand mixer may be all that you need. This same concept applies to lots of things: clothing, TVs, jewelry, you name it. Yes, this even applies to cars.

Do it yourself. Mow your own lawn, clean your own house, give yourself a manicure, wash your own dog. Now if you truly hate to do something, don’t do it if you can afford to hire it out. Or better yet, trade a chore you detest with a chore that someone else dislikes. You both get the job done without spending a dime.

Take advantage of freebies. Use public beaches, parks and trail systems for recreational activities. Use your public library. Go online and download geographically specific recreational guides and even preparedness manuals from your state and county web sites. None of these are technically free because your taxes have paid for them, but they are free in the sense you have no additional out of pocket costs.

Speaking of libraries, have you checked yours out lately? Most libraries now have a robust collection of eBooks, audio books, audio book players, music CDs, DVDs and more. If you don’t have a library with downloadable materials, there are many that will let you purchase an annual non-resident library card. You can do a web search or start here to find a library with a large collection of downloadable materials.

Get out of debt. This is obvious. Sure, you may have a mortgage payment and possibly a car payment. But credit card debt? I hope not, but, if you are saddled with credit card debt, come up with a one or two- year plan to pay them off then toss them in a drawer, never to see daylight again unless there is a dire emergency. The old mantra “use your credit card . . .it is the same as cash” simply does not work anymore. It never did.

Always Safe, Always Prepared

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Magic? (Temp Blog)

Out of ordinary but………

WOW! My dad sent me this link to the video below. I don’t watch this, but MAn! it’s pretty cool. Any thoughts or ideas on how this kid did this??? I’m only leaving this up for a while so get the link! Share it!

Remember – An Alternative View of Memorial Day

Remember…the following video should give you a slightly different perspective on Memorial Day and the wars of bloodshed on all continents. It’s a only a little over 6 minutes long so share it with someone so they too will remember……………………..-Moraldiplomat

PS..Thanks to TheVoxRox at the utube for posting it.

The Richest Man

A rich landowner named Carl often rode around his vast estate so he could congratulate himself on his great wealth. One day while riding around his estate on his favorite horse, he saw Hans, an old tenant farmer. Hans was sitting under a tree when Carl rode by.

Hans said, ‘I was just thanking God for my food.’

Carl protested, ‘If that is all I had to eat, I wouldn’t feel like giving thanks.’

Hans replied, ‘God has given me everything I need, and I am thankful for it.’

The old farmer added, ‘It is strange you should come by today because I had a dream last night. In my dream a voice told me, ‘The richest man in the valley will die tonight.’ I don’t know what it means, but I thought I ought to tell you.’

Carl snorted, ‘Dreams are nonsense,’ and galloped away, but he could not forget Hans’ words: ‘The richest man in the valley will die tonight.’ He was obviously the richest man in the valley, so he invited his doctor to his house that evening. Carl told the doctor what Hans had said. After a thorough examination, the doctor told the wealthy landowner, ‘Carl, you are as strong and healthy as a horse. There is no way you are going to die tonight.’

Nevertheless, for assurance, the doctor stayed with Carl, and they played cards through the night. The doctor left the next morning and Carl apologized for becoming so upset over the old man’s dream. At about nine o’clock, a messenger arrived at Carl’s door.

‘What is it?’ Carl demanded.

The messenger explained, ‘It’s about old Hans. He died last night in his sleep.’

1 Tim 6:8 “And having food And raiment let us be therewith content.


1 Cor 5:7 “Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us: …



A story tells of a merchant in a small town who had identical twin sons. The boys worked for their father in the department store he owned and, when he died, they took over the store.

Everything went well until the day a dollar bill disappeared. One of the brothers had left the bill on the cash register and walked outside with a customer. When he returned, the money was gone.

He asked his brother, “Did you see that dollar bill on the cash register?” His brother replied that he had not.

But the young man kept probing and questioning. He would not let it alone. “Dollar bills just don’t get up and walk away! Surely you must have seen it!”

There was subtle accusation in his voice. Tempers began to rise. Resentment set in. Before long, a deep and bitter chasm divided the young men. They refused to speak. They finally decided they could no longer work together and a dividing wall was built down the center of the store. For twenty years hostility and bitterness grew, spreading to their families and to the community.

Then one day a man in an automobile licensed in another state stopped in front of the store. He walked in and asked the clerk, “How long have you been here?”

The clerk replied that he’d been there all his life. The customer said, “I must share something with you. Twenty years ago I was “riding the rails” and came into this town in a boxcar. I hadn’t eaten for three days. I came into this store from the back door and saw a dollar bill on the cash register. I put it in my pocket and walked out. All these years I haven’t been able to forget that. I know it wasn’t much money, but I had to come back and ask your forgiveness.”

The stranger was amazed to see tears well up in the eyes of this middle-aged man. “Would you please go next door and tell that same story to the man in the store?” he said. Then the man was even more amazed to see two middle-aged men, who looked very much alike, embracing each other and weeping together in the front of the store.

After twenty years, the brokenness was mended. The wall of resentment that divided them came down.

It is so often the little things that finally divide people- words spoken in haste; criticisms; accusations; resentments. And once divided, they may never come together again.

The solution, of course, is to let it go. There is really nothing particularly profound about learning to let go of little resentments. But for fulfilling and lasting relationships, letting them go is a must. Refuse to carry around bitterness and you may be surprised at how much energy you have left for building bonds with those you love.

John 8:2-12, “And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them.

3 And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst,

4 They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.

5 Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?

6 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not.

7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

8 And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground.

9 And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.

10 When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?

11 She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.

12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

*Who ever you follow, if His name is not Jesus, then you are following the wrong one having no light in their life and will always continue to walk in darkness ….


The Detective & a Touch Tone Phone


*I really try to not post a lengthy blog here, but in light of the ever increasing attacks against innocent police officers in this nation I felt that some inspiration might end up their way. Even those in authority have issues like us. At the end of the day when the badge is taken off, and the guns are laid aside- what is left, but a servant of the public and  working for unfortunately a sometimes perverse system of what we use to call, “Justice.” With that said, this story should not only be sent to law enforcement but to others who suffer from the wearies of their daily lives and most of all their sometimes unthankful sacrifices they have made for their jobs. Take a moment and put yourselves in their shoes, and may you make the right and better choices your following day. Please share with with your family and friends who may be in law enforcement; they may need us to “serve and protect” them one dayMoraldiplomat

The Detective & a Touch Tone Phone

‘On a rainy night in October a police detective sat in his chair at home with a bottle of Jack Daniels by his side. It was his birthday, his children were asleep and he was alone. It had been a particularly hard day at the precinct. He had finally sat down for the first time that night, with intentions of getting drunk and forgetting his troubles.

This detective’s troubles were not only of his job and the witnessing of human destruction he experienced doing that job, but also of his own life in general. He began to stare at the bottle thinking he should drink as he did most nights until he passed out in his chair.

But this night was different. On this night he was afraid to drink from the bottle. He began realize how much of a tragic and pathetic experience his life seemed to be. He thought to himself “Dear God, what has happened to me. What am I to do.”

He thought of his ex-wife who left him for another man, and how guilty he felt for not being more upset about that experience because he knew he never really loved her in the way that a husband should. His next thought was that of his two beautiful children that were asleep in their rooms. He thought of how void their life has been of physical affection.

His guilt began to swell as his eyes started to water. He felt he was becoming like so many of the people he had dealt with throughout his career; absent of emotion and affection for those who were close to them. By this time the man took the bottle in his hand and was holding it with a grip that would surely break most bottles.

His thoughts then turned to a woman he had met after his divorce; a woman who he had fallen in love with at first sight. He laughed to himself as he thought of what he would say to someone who told him they had fallen in love at first sight. Before his experience with this woman, he had never believed in love at first sight, and believed it was only in storybooks and fantasy.

His thoughts quickly changed to a deep depression as he realized he would never have this woman, because she was in love with another man. He thought of the many times she had helped him through difficult times and how he had tried to do the same for her. He began to wonder if he would ever find someone close enough to share his life with. He knew he wasn’t an outgoing man, and couldn’t see having the time to find someone because of his long hours at work and responsibilities to his children.

As the man continued on his track of self-destruction and self-pity he began to think of the many horrible things he had experienced in his career and began blame the way he was on his career. The memories of children killed in car accidents, or parents killed and children who survived. The many child abuse cases that he investigated and how disgusted he was with himself each time he took the side of the abuser in order to get a confession. The memories of suicides he witnessed and the friends and relatives he had to notify of the loss. The man began to weep uncontrollably as he began to twist the top off the bottle.

By this time it was approaching one o’clock in the morning. As the man began to lift the bottle to his mouth, the phone rang. The man; already upset was angered, thinking who other than work would be calling at this time of night and disturbing his children’s sleep. He answered the phone in a stern voice asking “Yeah, who is this!” To his surprise the voice on the other end was a recording, “If you have a Touch Tone Phone, Please press One.”

He chuckled to himself, thinking how typical it was for him to get a sales pitch over the phone at one o’clock in the morning. Rather than hang up he listened more. The recording repeated itself “If you have a touch tone phone, please press one.” The man noticed the recording kept repeating the same message. He thought this was odd, “What if I don’t, do I just hang up?” Thinking this was some sort of scam he played along and pressed one on his phone.

The message then changed to “For information regarding your work, please press two. For information regarding your children please press three. For information regarding your relationships, please press four. For information regarding your life and its purpose, please hold and the next available representative will be with you.”

Confirming his convictions of a possible scam the detective remained on-line and waited for the representative, so he could tell them who he was and what he did. As he waited a few seconds the recording then said “Please hold, all of our representatives are busy at the moment with other customers, we apologize for the inconvenience, a representative will be with you shortly.” As the music began to play the detective became more irritated, thinking “Who on earth has the nerve to call me at one o’clock in the morning and then put me on hold?”

Just then a deep elderly man’s voice came over the other end of the phone. The elderly man began by saying “My son, by not choosing one of the first three choices, you have elected to receive information regarding your life and its purpose.” “Do you know who I am!” the detective replied.

The elderly man answered saying “I know everything about where you have been and where you are going my son.” “Who is this!” the detective answered, raising his voice. “I have called you because you have questioned your worth and have doubt in your purpose in life.” “Yeah, what do you know about it!” the detective smartly replied.

“Put the bottle down my son as I explain what meaning your life has.” Being very confused the detective complied, not knowing really why he did.

“My son, do not weep for that which has occurred. I have been by your side all your life, and have experienced the difficulties you see, ten fold. You see only the negative outcomes for your experiences, but I see valuable lessons that have gone unnoticed by you.

Your faith in me over the years has diminished each time you witnessed a tragic event. Each accident, suicide, and abuse situation you encountered was a message for you to come and join me hand-in-hand through your journey in life. Over the years you have separated yourself from me and taken life for granted.

I gave you a wife, so that you would learn the ability to have compassion for those who have little compassion. I gave you a son and a daughter so that you may learn to cherish life and understand what a gift it really is. I brought you a messenger in the form of a woman with such inner beauty that you may feel what it was like to be loved by another, and to learn from her the ability to accept and trust me for what I am.”

“Learn that love comes in many forms and accept that she loves you because you are a friend. Learn from her that friendship is a true test of love. Continue to help her in her times of need and she will continue to help you.”

The detective then asked, “If you have been by my side all my life, why have you waited until now to call me.” The voice on the other end replied, “I answer all those who call, and until tonight you have never called me.”

The detective then began to feel concerned that he was too late for the calling. The elderly voice then said, “my son, as long as you are alive, it is never too late. Take the experiences I have given you and embrace them with all your heart. Learn to be compassionate for your fellow man, learn to show the love you feel for your children, surrender your troubles to me and have faith in me.”

” For if you follow this simple advice I will not only be by your side but I will carry you through your journey. Do not worry for what has not yet happened, but trust in me, for I know what I have in store for you.” The elderly voice then concluded by saying, “Feel free to call on me anytime, the cost is only that of a prayer.”

After hanging up the phone, the detective then poured out the bottle of Jack Daniels and went to sleep thinking of the profound event that had just occurred. He awoke the next morning with a determination to change his life forever, and started his new journey with the “Lords Prayer.”
Romans 13:4For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.”


Mom & Dad


Calling our parents anything other than mom, dad or one of the many variations is an almost alien concept to many (and in some cultures is considered downright rude). So why do we refer to our parents in this way? Where did it come from and more curiously, is there any culture that forgoes this seemingly universal nickname custom for parental figures?

The words can be traced back to the 1500s for “dad” and the 1800s for “mom”. As with so many etymologies, where these words were first uttered and by whom is a mystery. Even the Oxford English Dictionary has admitted that they have “no evidence” on where the word “dad” originated. The word “mom”, on the other hand, is a slightly different story and it’s widely believed that the word was born from the much older word “mamma” which itself can be traced back to the 1500s in English. This, in turn, can be traced back to Latin where “mamma” meant “breast” or “teat”. From this word, we also got the word “mammalia” and later “mammal” to describe animals that suckle their young.

This brings us to the amazing part- a word extremely similar to “mom” occurs in almost every language on Earth. Not saying that there is a word for “mom” in every language; it’s just that the word for “mom” is shockingly similar across nearly all of the most commonly spoken languages on Earth.

For example, if you wanted to address your mother in Dutch you’d say “moeder”, if you were to travel to Germany on the other hand you’d call her “mutter” while over in Italy you’d refer to her as, “madre”. Now we know what you’re thinking, those are all European languages. So let’s mix things up a bit and list the words for mom or mother in some more, shall we say, “exotic” languages, from an English speaker’s point of view, and see if you start to notice a pattern:

Chinese: Mãma
Hindi: Mam
Afrikaans: Ma
Ancient Egyptian: Mut
Swahili: Mama

As you can clearly see from this list, there’s a very peculiar trend with “mom” in various languages in that it’s nearly universally pronounced with an “m” sound.

As for the word “dad”, while there is certainly more variation in the ways to address your Pop in foreign languages, similar trends can be observed. For example, the word “Papa” is present in several languages including Russian, Hindi, Spanish and English, while slight variations on it appear in German (Papi), Icelandic (Pabbi), Swedish (Pappa) and a number of other languages across the globe. Likewise in Turkish, Greek, Swahili, Malay and several other languages the word for dad is “Baba” or a variation of it.

The current working theory to explain this fascinating phenomenon is that the words parents use to refer to themselves are derived from the babblings of their child during its “baby-talk” phase. It has been observed that babies, regardless of where in the world they’re born, naturally learn to make the same few sounds as they begin to learn to speak. It has also been noted that during the babbling stage, babies will create what is known as “protowords” by combining nonsensical combinations of consonants and vowels.

The really interesting part about these protowords is that they’re consistent across different cultures for reasons that aren’t quite clear (God-created beginnings?). The words babies make in this early babbling stage tend to use the softer contestants like B, P and M, often leading to the creation of otherwise non-words like baba, papa and mama by the child in question.

It’s further theorised that as these are often the first sounds babies are able to make consistently, parents came to use them to refer to themselves, which explains why words like “mama”, “papa,” “dada”, “tata” and “baba” are present in so many languages as a way of addressing one’s parents. It’s usually less complex to say than the parent’s real names and works as a substitute that ultimately sticks.

As to why the “ma” sound in derivations like “mamma” came to be assigned to women instead of men, it is generally thought that it derived from the sound babies make while suckling or feeding. It’s noted that the only sound a baby can really make while its mouth is full of his or her mother’s life giving bosom is a “slight nasal murmur” or a repeated “m” sound. Further, when the baby is hungry and sees the object of its foodie desires, it is not uncommon for the baby to, as linguist Roman Jakobson put it, “reproduced [it] as an anticipatory signal”. While no one can prove this is how “mom” and its predecessor “mamma” came about, it would at the least explain why there is an almost universal trend of the word for mother in varying languages utilizing the “m”, and often “ma” sound.

There is no such precise theory for why the word “dad” was specifically chosen (presumably from “dada”), but this lack of a good reason to assign “dada” to male parents over other variations like “papa”, “tata”, “baba”, etc. is perhaps why there is such variation on this one in terms of which repeated consonant is used to go along with the a’s in a given culture.

So is there any culture in which this nicknaming practice isn’t observed? There are certainly examples of cultures that don’t adhere to the idea of a nuclear family, but as far as applying similar types of nicknames to parental figures, not really…

Have you seen this:

Wild winds send massive canopy rocketing into the sky

‘Apr 2016 High winds in southern California caused damage. In Valencia, California, a surveillance video caught the moment winds lifted and overturned a large canopy.’