Gibraltar, Wisconsin…(LINK)

Ok, if you don’t want hamburger, or steak…fine; heck, might be better off not eating it unless you know how and where it was raised- processed meat sucks! Anyway,…WisconSIN, might be another one of those states (at least this city) that we want to stay away from if we want to maintain a certain type of freedom. Check this article out:

Selling Burgers Is A Crime In This Wisconsin Town



Prepped? Then Don’t Make Yourself a Target (LINK)

Me and my wife were just discussing this very topic today; In the event (God forbid!) that say a black out was to occur; and not just a few hours, but what about days or even weeks. What if you can weather it? Great. But others who just didn’t see the sign or just did not get ready (boyscout mentality) and are more than hungry, have kids, and you, not being able to feed the whole neighborhood…well, who is going to attack who when trouble begins??? Many will look and listen. Primal instinct takes over, and in reality, there are people who will kill you for a candy bar(stores if at all open, will be policed and locked). We have that now on the streets without black outs. This just might be a time when you wished you weren’t so hard on those gun nuts, cause now you have two enemies, a hungry aggressor(s) in need of supplies and the police (military-martial law) that look at you as a potential problem, either because you have supplies or you “want” them. In any case, you wish you had a firearm (if for nothing more than to protect your family’s life.

But what we were discussing was, “where would the aggressors or police go?” You’d want to keep it to a minimum walk or run right not go too far for a Klondike so to speak? You’d listen for what? Generators! Why that? Well, you got stuff! FOOD! And some of it you don’t want to go bad during a prolonged black out. I mean face it, you have maybe a spouse or family to care for….you want to feed your own and don’t feel the need to jump on a FEMA bus. People with generators tells people that you have something worth preserving. Even if you’re only running it to keep the lights on, AC, or heat. This makes you a target. Because you may have other supplies that others may want. And supplies can be used in place of cash- the barter system. If you’re in the dark, stay in the dark. But be prepared to either hunker down, or bug it out! Just want to add my own thoughts here. Enjoy the link. God bless!!!

SHTF: If you are well prepared, you will become an instant target of the non-prepared


The Origins Of Prepping: Where Did We All Start?

5 Simple Steps For Foolproof Bugging Out

Chance favors the prepared mind…if you fail to plan, plan to fail. God is truly watching, but He’s talking too! Listen for His voice and you’ll know what to do!

UPDATE links:

A good flea market can be a prepper’s shopping paradise

A man can’t have too many knives or flashlights!!!

10 Top Reasons To Keep A Pocket Knife In Your EDC



5 Things You Need to be the Ultimate Survivor (LINK)

These may seem simple, but in the wilderness (it’s different than reading it on paper); it could spell the difference between life and death…or at least comfort and stress. Don’t forget to help a neighbor, he or she may be in trouble as well one day. Groups are great when we can share our knowledge and resources. We are all in this together. When (not if) the SHTF scenario occurs, you will be better prepared to help not just yourself, but care for those around facing the same.

5 Preps that you need to master to be the ultimate survivor

“If you fail to plan, plan to fail.”


What Does Evil Sound or Look Like? The Seed of Cain. (LINK)

Rev 2:24

But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden. ” (KJV)

Ephesians 5:11-12

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. ” (KJV)

In a world full of negative and evil beings, we often try to stay clear of such people (and they with us the same) and try to live a more loving and positive life and surround ourselves with the same. However, turning our head and closing our eyes to the plight and abominations of this age does not make them go away it just assures us that we won’t overcome it. What’s the saying? “Know thy enemy.”

All of us have enemies whether we want them or not. Some are outright in our face, others are secretly hiding behind closed doors (pretending to be righteous) plotting another menace to fall on an otherwise unsuspecting victim(s). Whether in a group or individual; we have our foes. What the heck is wrong with them???!!!! Well, a tad technical and slightly lengthy, I found (by accident searching something else) a write-up (see link below) that sums it all up. Enjoy the link and I hope it clears things up; and if you like the TV show Criminal Minds, then this makes it more real!

Global Elitists Are Not Human

At the end of the day, we must: Rom 12:18 “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

Is YouTube Days Numbered? (LINK)

Probably not…more than likely they will take a back seat in many ways to newer and upcoming platforms like REAL.VIDEO (launching this summer!) – (see below). I suspect like me, many of you like things “natural” I mean that’s what we are right? We perform many things like a well oiled machine, but face it, we are not machines. You would think that anything organic, natural and from the earth would be expanded on, promoted even by the elites…it just makes sense. Sadly, there are those who wish you not the best of health, and only have desires for wealth…their god is their belly and their mind is money. Somewhat of a destructive pattern, and only two-dimensional thinking these people are; mental defects that wield power. NOW that’s really bad!

Anyway, a war is raging on behind the scenes; many of you already have experienced censorship from youtube. Friends of mine have been literally shut down for nothing more than promoting the healing “nature” of certain trees, plants and vegetables. WTF?! So now they hate veggies??? NO! They actually hate you. But another challenger is coming, where freedom of expression and suggestion will NOT be questioned. And hey, if it turns out bad and people’s advice is not what it’s cracked up to be, other than you “did it wrong” (LOL) that old adage, “buyer beware” seems to fit. In reality, you take what you do and what you say into your own hands- YOU and you alone are responsible; but there is freedom in that!! That blame game is old. There is profit in peace, but who is buying that? Seems there is a war going on. Anyway; sorry about the rambling on. Enjoy the link:

YouTube goes to war with natural medicine as tech giant starts BANNING video channels for talking about herbal remedies


UPDATED: 5/21/2018 02:010 EST

Health Ranger unleashes epic rant against tech giants’ censorship and attempted extermination of independent voices



Hearing Both Sides of the Coin (VIDEO/LINK)

We may not agree on the facts or where they come from, but it helps give us latitude for better and more unbiased conversation and or judgments among ourselves when we listen to another version. Eh?

Oh, and is not the Russians the ones who are suppose to have influenced US elections? Well, they are kinda peed off at us, or rather at Trump….thought he was in Putins’ pocket??? I think not.

‘We hope you come to your senses’: Russia warns US against illegal Syria strike

Now that, that’s cleared up, we can get back to our own issues, and helping others with theirs. Ya know, we have better things to be concerned about other than sounds of war. Hey, if war happens, trust me, we will know it. So, enjoy your day. God says it’s ok. 🙂 He has our back. Amen or oh me???

PS, sad thing is, many of our family members (G.I.’s- Government Issued/Owned) might be called out to fight…..someone. We need to pray they come back from the next one; so many have not. 😦


Apocalypse? (photos)

I’ve been thinking about what some have already forgotten about; and that’s the victims and possibly those that lost not only their homes, pets and belongings, but their very lives in the recent hurricanes. Ya know recently, long before Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas costs, I asked an Army (disabled vet) acquittance of mine and straight out, I asked him if he believed in an eventual apocalypse. And he stated, “Honestly, No.” That was pretty much it. That ended right there. Oh he didn’t mind me asking, but he’s not one of those “end of the world” people, nor a “bug out” type believer. As an Army fellow, he pretty much trusts the gov’t daily that feeds him his pain pills and pays for ALL his medical needs and issues as he has several.

In thinking about what he went through in several countries, I thought, “well, in a way, he had his apocalyptic moments in several regions of the world.” And now that he is back home, in the States, does he now feel like he cannot be touched? Can we as a people, having experienced so many sorrows and failures from a broad range of sources, do we still feel “it can’t come here?” Well, speaking about the word “apocalypse;” I hate to even use the word nowadays because it has been given a newer meaning. Most of the time, people hear the word and immediately think: Zombie, Nuclear War, and things that (God-forbid) may not or won’t ever be on the menu. However, with the escalation of tension between countries these days, and the ability to get more dangerous materials, well….it’s not a matter of if, and with the thought of an EMP, real (weapon related) or man-made; and the technology to manipulate and literally steer devastating weather to a certain point on the map, it’s easy to realize this is a new world, with new and secretly discreet ways of initiating them. People end up with their indoctrinated minds believing God is to blame, Mother nature acting up, accidents happen, or simply another earth change that for some reason is yours and my fault. But when will these possible threats be utilized?

Further, will it be on U.S. soil? Will it be from a foreign power? Will the U.S. gov’t be a part of a true conspiracy to achieve a grander design? We cannot discredit conspiracy theorists too quickly, not since many now have been proven true; many have actually been “in your face.” No longer (for some reason) do the PTB fear the public, oddly enough, a very well armed public. How do you confront that and win? Through devastating disasters! When the sh-t is going to hit the fan, if you’re not listening to God, YOU need a plan, a plan that many in Texas and Florida did not. Those poor people are now at the mercy of gov’t funded “assistance.” That’s NOT where you want to be.

I wanted to share the following photos with you. You may have seen these same ones, maybe some that are worse. But I ask you, what if your house “use to be” located in one of the pictures? Is it really a good idea to live near a beach? I have so many questions, and so do others. I pray that the conspiracy people are wrong when they say that FEMA and other agencies have taken the refugees from these torn places and brought them to FEMA camps, abandoned walmart building for extermination (depopulation control) of undesirables. I like to think so. But…… judge….let’s prove it one one truth or another eh? God bless and keep listening to the Lord, He will direct your steps and keep you safe.

Group of Before and After Photos That Show Some of The Destruction Caused By Hurricane Irma


‘Many people have had their “apocalypse” ‘