Lost in the Outdoors? S.T.O.P. (VIDEO)

Thousands of people become lost in the wilderness every year. If this ever happens to you, use the S.T.O.P. method to get you back on track. S. Sit T. Think O. Observe P. Plan




The #1 Thing Your Preparedness Group Is Not Prepared For (VIDEO)

Got 15 minutes? Cool; find out where you might be lacking in preparedness. We need to be weened from our dependence from ANY gov’t help, social fixes promoted by officials, emergency workers, etc and get self-sufficient. The days have come where gov’t really does not care about you or your family….saying it and doing it are different things; 911 is just not fast enough and not always reliable.

There are people right now as I type this, that are in need of help in the states of Florida and Georgia, people are hungry, confused and in need of power and water. This hurricane period shows just how much we need to prep for the unthinkable, for survival. How can we, as a people, survive if we ignore the basics? Disaster of any kind can strike our neighbors (and has), and it might be up to you to help save their life also, remember that “the life you save may just be your own.” Be ready and have a plan for you and or your group.

What is the Number 1 thing that your preparedness group or your survival group is the least prepared for?

Crossbow: Its Advantages Over Guns (LINK)

“Let’s talk about crossbows and why you should learn how to use one and later on improve your crossbow shooting skills. If you’re a regular reader, you know the argument I’m going to start with for any non-firearm form of protection and hunting tool.

Before gun lovers turn on me, I have to say that I LOVE GUNS. Guns are great weapons. Ammo is a great resource. You should own guns and ammo and be very good at using them. But don’t only have guns. Having other options is just the logical, practical choice. If you’re planning on defending yourself or hunting in a survival situation, you need to assume you’ll likely run out of ammo at some point and will need another option. That’s just plain and simple….”

READ MORE HERE > https://survivallife.com/how-use-crossbow/



Russia Offers China 2.5 Million Acres of Farm Land (VIDEO)

I don’t know….should we be worried?? I’m sure this could affect certain people, investors, purchasers, maybe even growers here in the USA. You judge! One thing about war (the real ones); we WON’T be WARNED about it. So, even a magnet has a positive and a negative side…we need to be aware of the negatives and “just” be ready. It’s imminent. As the saying goes, “Not if, but when.” When two superpowers (especially these two) find their own common grounds, then we should take notice. It’s not a conspiracy if we can watch it happen.


Russia And China Are Developing Impressive New Weapons Systems As They Prepare For War Against The United States


BOB: Bug Out Bags – A Fresh Look (LINK-VIDEO)

“………….One reason for not writing about primary BOBs until now is I truly believe BOBs should be customized to your situation.  For instance, in my area we get snow, sometimes lots of snow, so I pack a set of long underwear in my BOB.  In Florida I would consider that pretty foolish.

Because situations vary so much, it is impossible to say “this is what you should carry”.  Instead I’ll tell you what I carry, in the hope of triggering some ideas that you might want to include in your BOB…………”

Read the rest here : http://beansbulletsbandagesandyou.com/bullets/2018/07/18/bob-bug-out-bags-fresh-look/


Thanks to my friend Dave @ Reallybigmonkey1

General Says “the U.S. is No Longer Immune From Attacks” (VIDEO+ARTICLE)

hmmm, should we be worried about this? I don’t know. What bothers me is that many European militaries (Russians, Chinese, Poland, Germany and Mexican Federals, etc) along with mercs and our own U.S. military have been doing maneuvers and training together in urban/city settings now for years; many using their own weapons, tanks and assault vehicles. Is this a conspiracy? NO! Not if we can see it, video it, and prove it, much of it from the proverbial “horses mouth”. (they admit it!).

My friend at DAHBOO77 share this same concern. I’m not sure it matters, but then, people in Hawaii and in Texas were not really worried about a hurricane with their name on it; people in New York were not concerned with September 11th…just a normal day until…………………; so, I’ll leave it up to you, but even if nothing comes of it in the future, near or far- the signs and warnings were there. Enjoy the video and link. 🙂

NORTHCOM Commander: ‘The U.S. Homeland Is No Longer A Sanctuary’

“Air Force General Terrence O’Shaughnessy ended a speech at the 140th National Guard Association conference in New Orleans this weekend with an ominous warning that the era of great power competition doesn’t leave the United States mainland uncontested. The U.S. “homeland is no longer a sanctuary,” according to the four-star general.

According to The Military Times, O’Shaughnessy says that peer-level adversaries are probing U.S. defenses in multiple domains and that the continental United States is well within their sights. “We’re in a changing security environment,” O’Shaughnessy said. “We used to think about the sanctuary we had with oceans and friendly countries to our north and south, but that’s changing with adversaries that are actually able to reach out and touch us now.”

O’Shaughnessy’s concerns fall right in line with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ new National Defense Strategy.  This strategy just so happens to prioritizes peer-level adversaries as greater threats than lower-end insurgent forces like those seen in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade.  According to O’Shaughnessy and Mattis, those peer-level foes are Russia and China. That breaks down simply: The U.S. is no longer immune to attacks from Russia or China…………..”

READ THE REST HERE > http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/northcom-commander-the-u-s-homeland-is-no-longer-a-sanctuary_08302018


CounterThink with Mike Adams: The Trump chaos plan

If you listen to the video at the link below, please try and hear the “double-speak” in my friend Mike’s language. This to me is more alarming than the video above. You judge and decide if it does or might affect you and your family in the future.