Nuclear Watchdog Warns of Uranium Leak At South Carolina Fuel Factory (*ALERT VIDEO)

Well, this area is near me..:o I live in North Carolina…concerned? Hmm…yes and no. If you live in or near NC/ SC then this will concern you. If not,…well, you know how winds travel; it could inadvertantly concern everyone! I’m sure DB& and I will be watching this closely as usually many media outlets do NOT like to hit the panic button…unless they are using it for another;…and I hate to say it, “agenda.” In any case, seems like breakfast, lunch and dinner revolve around a future of nuclear issue…and why not, we have nuke plants all over. Proof? Are your lights on? Then you probably live near a nuclear power plant…or could drive near one…sad day when mankind discovered a Uranium, and an even worse way to “enrich” (plutonium) for use as a weapon………And we’re worried about plastic in the ocean…gota say, if mankind is compromised by extinction level issues, whose gonna give a rip about the animals left behind in the aftermath?? Don’t get me wrong, love the sea creatures, and all mammals, but without us, where would they be? What kind of world would this be considering the nuke waste that would take them out too???? 😐 Thanks to DAHBOO77  for the following vid!



Cherokee Medicine Benefits….(VIDEO)

  1. I liked this vid and the link I’ll post below
  2.  I have Cherokee Indian (not Native American) blood in me

So I’m posting this….just kind of make you feel all warm and tingly inside; ok…I’m kidding. But it’s sad a lot of our “Indian” ancestors wisdom and survival has not been passed down all the way down as far as it should have gone. I encourage you to look into your Indian ancestors history (not ancestry DNA crap) but real history; maybe from some books or family members still living. They really knew what they were doing. We are only touching the surface when we peer behind the veil of the ancient heritage of the Cherokee. Enjoy the video 🙂

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Cherokee Medicine Benefits For Surviving Off-The-Grid

Survival Shelters That Will Conquer The Elements (LINK/VIDEO)

Ya know, if you ever go camping and or you need a survival shelter; all your “creature comforts” go out the window……but you don’t have to suffer in the elements. Below is a good link to get you started and a video detailing a simple tarp shelter. Thanks to Corporal Kelly for the vid- Semper Fi!

10 Simple Survival Shelters That Will Conquer The Elements

Basic A-Frame Shelter

More shelter builds and types can be found at link above. Have a look!!!

Apocalypse? (photos)

I’ve been thinking about what some have already forgotten about; and that’s the victims and possibly those that lost not only their homes, pets and belongings, but their very lives in the recent hurricanes. Ya know recently, long before Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas costs, I asked an Army (disabled vet) acquittance of mine and straight out, I asked him if he believed in an eventual apocalypse. And he stated, “Honestly, No.” That was pretty much it. That ended right there. Oh he didn’t mind me asking, but he’s not one of those “end of the world” people, nor a “bug out” type believer. As an Army fellow, he pretty much trusts the gov’t daily that feeds him his pain pills and pays for ALL his medical needs and issues as he has several.

In thinking about what he went through in several countries, I thought, “well, in a way, he had his apocalyptic moments in several regions of the world.” And now that he is back home, in the States, does he now feel like he cannot be touched? Can we as a people, having experienced so many sorrows and failures from a broad range of sources, do we still feel “it can’t come here?” Well, speaking about the word “apocalypse;” I hate to even use the word nowadays because it has been given a newer meaning. Most of the time, people hear the word and immediately think: Zombie, Nuclear War, and things that (God-forbid) may not or won’t ever be on the menu. However, with the escalation of tension between countries these days, and the ability to get more dangerous materials, well….it’s not a matter of if, and with the thought of an EMP, real (weapon related) or man-made; and the technology to manipulate and literally steer devastating weather to a certain point on the map, it’s easy to realize this is a new world, with new and secretly discreet ways of initiating them. People end up with their indoctrinated minds believing God is to blame, Mother nature acting up, accidents happen, or simply another earth change that for some reason is yours and my fault. But when will these possible threats be utilized?

Further, will it be on U.S. soil? Will it be from a foreign power? Will the U.S. gov’t be a part of a true conspiracy to achieve a grander design? We cannot discredit conspiracy theorists too quickly, not since many now have been proven true; many have actually been “in your face.” No longer (for some reason) do the PTB fear the public, oddly enough, a very well armed public. How do you confront that and win? Through devastating disasters! When the sh-t is going to hit the fan, if you’re not listening to God, YOU need a plan, a plan that many in Texas and Florida did not. Those poor people are now at the mercy of gov’t funded “assistance.” That’s NOT where you want to be.

I wanted to share the following photos with you. You may have seen these same ones, maybe some that are worse. But I ask you, what if your house “use to be” located in one of the pictures? Is it really a good idea to live near a beach? I have so many questions, and so do others. I pray that the conspiracy people are wrong when they say that FEMA and other agencies have taken the refugees from these torn places and brought them to FEMA camps, abandoned walmart building for extermination (depopulation control) of undesirables. I like to think so. But…… judge….let’s prove it one one truth or another eh? God bless and keep listening to the Lord, He will direct your steps and keep you safe.

Group of Before and After Photos That Show Some of The Destruction Caused By Hurricane Irma


‘Many people have had their “apocalypse” ‘

Back on the Seat

It had coaster brakes and only one gear. I got it used. The twenty-inch, black frame showed its age. It was scratched and nicked from years of use, but I didn’t care. It was mine now.

My tricycle stood by the front steps of our house – forgotten. In the front yard, I held the handlebars, swung my right leg over and settled myself onto the seat. My legs weren’t long enough for both to touch the ground at the same time. I leaned to one side – one foot supported me. I looked around, made sure no one was watching and kicked off. My feet reached for the pedals and began to pump.

After a few wobbly yards, I fell off, and landed on my shoulder in the grass. I jumped up, brushed myself off, got back on and fell again.

A week later, I rode in circles around the yard, always to the left. I didn’t wobble or fall. I was steady, as I followed the beaten trail I’d created in the grass. The wind created by my movement cooled my sweat stained face.

I was free and I was flying.

‘Michael!’ Mom called. ‘Supper is ready!’

I turned toward the front steps, wobbled and fell to the ground. I didn’t know how to go straight or to the right. I’d learned to travel in circles to the left.

One day I became brave. ‘Mom, I’m going to take my bike to Grandma’s.’

‘Are you sure?’ she asked.

‘I can do it, Mom.’

Grandma lived at the bottom of a short hill from our house. I’d walk there often, but when I sat on my bike at the top of that hill, it seemed much higher than I remembered.

I put my feet in the pedals and started to roll. My speed increased. I pushed back on the pedals, braking to a halt, stepped off and walked my bike to the bottom. On level ground, I got back on my bike and pedaled to Grandma’s.

‘Did you see me, Grandma? I brought my bicycle! Did you see me?’

Grandma hugged me. ‘I saw you, Michael. You did well, but I saw you walk your bike down the hill. It’s scary not having control, but you’ll get it right. You’re getting so big. When you’re older, you’ll be bicycling all over the place. I’m proud of you.’

‘Do you have any cookies?’ I asked.

She laughed. ‘You know where they are.’

I ran to her pantry. In the cupboard was a plate filled with fresh baked cookies – my favorite.

Grandma was right. I did learn to go left, right and straight. A year later, I was bicycling all around the neighborhood.

At twenty years old, I left home. It was a lonely time in my life. Mom wasn’t there. It was time to learn how to turn again.

I married and I stumbled. There was someone else to think about – new turns to stumble through.

I’ve floundered through life. When I thought I had it right, life pushed me in another direction. I’ve wobbled, stumbled and fallen. Each time I fell, I got up, brushed myself off and turned around the obstacle.

Each time I think I’m on a straight road, life throws a turn in front of me.

I may fall, but I always climb back on my seat.

That’s what we do; get back on the seat….life is hard at times, but looking back, we can see there are lessons as well. Maybe you have a lesson to share. If so, share it with me, share it with others. 🙂