Additional Cold Blasts Into This Weekend May Be Followed by Some Thanksgiving Relief (LINK w VIDEO)

Weather channel screenshot

At a Glance

  • Chilly conditions have taken hold of the central and eastern U.S.
  • Yet another cold blast will arrive this weekend.
  • A pattern change may bring some moderation in temperature by Thanksgiving.

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Winter Storm Avery Impacts: 5 Killed on Icy Roads in the South, Over 400,000 Without Power


If You Haven’t Racked Those Leaves Yet, Don’t. Here’s Why (LINK)

Here’s Why You Should NEVER Rake Up Leaves

“In preparation for winter, many homeowners go through the grueling task of raking and bagging leaves. Maybe it isn’t a big deal for those with very small yards in the city, but it can be quite the workout in large yards or around rural homes.

Well, as it turns out, raking your leaves can lead to a more attractive yard but may not be the best idea. Why? Keeping leaves in your yard not only helps the creatures around the tree, but also boosts the health of your lawn, too. Read on to find out how to do it.

Why Leaves Fall……….”


Got a cold? Take 8,000 mg of vitamin C (LINK)

“Vitamin C may hold the key to recovering from the common cold, one study finds. A researcher from the University of Helsinki, Finland, has discovered that high dosages of vitamin C can lead to reduced duration of the common cold. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is known to alleviate and prevent infection from bacteria and viruses among different species of animals. The practical effects on human infections appear similar to that in animal studies………”


JUST A NOTE: Most Vitamin C comes from China; make sure you might want to pay a little more from a reputable company and get the “good stuff” free of chemicals, fillers, and metals, Not all Vitamin C (supplements) is the same.


Be Energy Efficient This Winter. This is the Best Wood To Heat Your Home (LINK)

“Those who choose to heat their home with wood are becoming fewer and fewer. However, with more interested in a self-sustaining lifestyle and going off the grid, those numbers may begin to rise again. If you decided to heat your home with wood, there are simply some types of wood that are better to burn in your home.

There is nothing quite like a roaring fire to stand next to while listening to the crackles and pops on a subzero winter day while there’s a raging snowstorm blowing through. If you live in an area where those days are common in the winter, you probably know the benefits of having a wood burning stove firsthand. The heat is immediate and fills the space quickly as opposed to waiting for propane or electric heat to keep up. It’s also oddly comforting………”



Smokeless Fire Pit – How To Eliminate Annoying & Dangerous Smoke

“One of the most annoying parts of having a campfire or backyard fire is avoiding the smoke. It seems like no matter where you sit, or how often you move the smoke manages to find you! Making you either sit there to tough it out or scuttling your camp chair around constantly. And that’s just when you’re sitting around the fire at a normal distance. It’s even worse if you’re hovering over it to keep your hands warm, to dry clothing, or to cook over the flames…..”


27 Items That Make Your Car Ready For Winter (LINK)

“With winter fast approaching, we need to do more than just get our house in order and ready for cold weather; we need to get our cars in order too.

Wintertime is hard on cars and even harder on drivers who get stranded in their cars. If we aren’t ready for dealing with a winter blizzard, we are putting ourselves and our families at grave risk. Part of the problem we face is that winter storms can take us by surprise. Weather forecasters are notoriously inaccurate in their prognostications. This is even worse in some parts of the country, where mountains or large bodies of water can make sudden differences in the weather, causing storms to appear out of what seems like nowhere or causing storms which are much larger than originally expected……….”


6 Things To Consider For Surviving (The Upcoming) Winter (LINK)

“October’s here, fall is in full-swing and winter is just around the corner.

If I lived farther north, I would say that I could just about feel the first snowflakes in the air; but where I live, that’s just about impossible. Nevertheless, the signs of winter are all around us, reminding us that we need to be prepared for cold weather and snow.

To those of us who are preppers, this means much more than just buying new winter coats and boots for our kids. It means being ready for that major storm which shuts down power and brings our cities to a standstill. It means having our cars ready to make it through that snowstorm. It means surviving, when others are freezing to death.

Historically, wintertime has been the most dangerous time for human survival. For those who live in cold northern and temperate climates, the year was divided into two basic parts for our ancestors: preparing for winter and surviving winter. The entire planting cycle was built around ensuring enough food to survive the next winter…….”